How to Write Blog Posts Faster

My Top Tips for Writing Faster Blog Posts

Content is king, so they say. And if you are running a blog in 2022, you are likely churning out lots and lots of content. At a certain point, you may be wondering how to write blog posts FASTER – is there a way I could make my job as a content creator any easier?

To make an income blogging online, you’ll need to be consistent and have a decent number of blog posts. Posting one 500-word blog post every few months isn’t going to cut it if you want to make an impact with your website’s SEO. So how on earth can you write high-quality blog posts for your audience faster? 

I’m here to save the day and tell you your job as a content creator can be easier! With the right tools, you can quickly write blog posts and feel confident about keeping a consistent schedule. Keep reading to learn my strategy for writing blog posts faster, that helps me keep a consistent blogging schedule!

(PS – this blog post contains affiliate content, meaning I receive a small commission should you purchase anything using my link. I only share products I genuinely love!)

Use tools to plan your editorial content before you start writing

If you have a blog, you need to go in with a plan. Don’t just go to an empty document hoping to find 2000 words out of nowhere. And DO NOT go straight to WordPress typing away on your blog. Before you even start writing, you need to know what your blog post is about! Even better if you know what the next 5 blog posts are about, so then you can batch content your audience will love.

I use a Trello board to manage my blog editorial content. This helps me plan content in advance, and the easy drag & drop features allow me to change up my blog schedule if needed (because as content creators, we are always keeping up with new trends and ideas, right!). 

I organize my blog content calendar by month and each weekly blog post dated underneath that month. Then on each blog post card, I can add details, outlines, graphics, and other necessary steps before publishing!

Outline each blog post (and set a timer!)

For this step (and honestly, every step, if you tend to get in analysis paralysis) be sure to set a timer! Outlining every blog post helps you have a strategy when you sit down to write. No more writer’s block

With every step, be sure to set a timer! I can quickly get stuck deep on a task and lose track of time. So when you are outlining, set a limit for how much time you will spend. To make this process even easier you can use an artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Later in this post I share the AI tool I use to help outline my blog posts!

Use short sentences and paragraphs

A blog post that is hard to write will also probably be hard to read! Write in short sentences and paragraphs to help with the flow of your blog post. Use various types of headings to break up your content. This also is useful for skimmers who will quickly scroll through your content. Stick with a consistent style and tone that is simple and easy to understand for your audience. One of my biggest copywriting tips is to write how you talk! It’s easy, fun, and relatable. 

Take breaks and hire help when needed

Managing a blog is a lot of work. From keyword research to content planning to writing, editing, scheduling posts, and creating graphics.. blogging can quickly become overwhelming if you try to tackle it all by yourself! I have a wonderful virtual assistant that helps me with my blog. It’s honestly helped me be able to blog much more consistently! She helped me create my Trello editorial calendar and we use it to keep track of posts, outlines, and scheduling. If you can, strongly consider hiring help with tasks for your blog.

Write about what you know

Another way to write blog posts faster is to stick to topics in your niche! You are constantly learning and growing in your area of expertise, so you will have fresh ideas. My blog is about copywriting, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. Writing about these topics comes naturally because it’s my business to know about them! Stick to blog topics in your niche so they will be easy to write about. For example, you won’t see me blogging about copyright here because I know nothing about it! To be honest, I do have a post about copyright, but if you read it you’ll understand why.

Use AI tools to simplify your blog creation process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you write blog posts faster by generating headlines, outlines, and even full paragraphs. Recently I started using Jasper AI to help speed up my process for blog posts and let me tell you; it has been a game changer! I was not ready to hop on the AI train, but now I regret not doing it sooner!

I would see Facebook ads for a shiny new AI tool but never wanted to try it. A part of me was intimidated, especially when the ad copy was all “we are the future of copywriting.”

Once I overcame that insecurity, I realized AI is a game-changing tool for my copywriting business! And if your business requires you to create, write, or outline any content – I’m sure this tool will be helpful for you (ahem, so basically, everyone). For the remainder of the blog post, I’ll share my step-by-step process for using AI to write faster blog posts! (as of 10/1/22 – I’ll periodically update this post as I learn about new AI tools!)

How AI Can Help You Write Your Blog Posts Faster

Now, before I get into all of the juicy details of using copywriting AI tools, I want to give a disclaimer.

AI isn’t going to replace having a real human edit and proofread your content.

I think when used appropriately, AI can be a great tool for writing faster blog posts. But, it’s still an algorithm that can be flawed, especially if you are working on longer-form content. I think when you use AI strategically for outlines, short paragraphs, meta descriptions, and other shorter-form content, you can really save a lot of time and energy.

Play around with it and see what works best for you!

So you may have heard of Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis. If not, get ready to learn! 

So you know those easy buttons from Staples? Push the button, “that was easy” and voila, done! Jasper is an AI software to generate awesome marketing copy for your business, literally with a push of a button, and faster than you can say “that was easy!” 

Rather than stressing over how you can write a last-minute blog post, you can use advanced technology to kickstart your content creation. I’m always amazed at how simple it is to use. Like I mentioned, I don’t think AI will replace having a fantastic copywriter on your team 😉 But, if you are looking for a way to simplify creating targeted marketing messages for your audience, consider Jasper!

My Step-by-Step Process for Using AI to Write Faster Blog Posts

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I currently use Jasper for my blog post outlines, Pinterest descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, and sometimes to write a blog post entirely! I’ve even used templates like (Problem, Agitate, and Solution) if I’m struggling with writer’s block on a sales page or email. 

You can also use Jasper to help generate headlines, Facebook ad copy, social media posts, marketing emails, tweets, SEO meta descriptions, and so much more!

To use the tool, you enter a little information about your blog post, offer, or company. Press “generate,” and Jasper AI will magically write your copy!

Check out this video to see my step-by-step process for using Jasper. 

Other AI Tools That Can Help with Content Creation

If Jasper isn’t your jam, no problem! There are seriously TONS of other AI tools out there to help with your copywriting. I thought I would quickly wrap up this blog post by growing through 10-2 options, but I went down a rabbit hole of 7 other AI copywriting tools to try. Stay tuned!

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