101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors
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101 Blog Posts for Your Chiropractic Business 

If you’re wondering how to market your chiropractic business online – you probably have thought about using a blog or social media. But how? And with people putting out so much content these days, how can you have a steady flow of ideas? It’s essential to have a content marketing strategy in place to attract new patients and grow your business. But coming up with fresh ideas for content can be challenging. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 101 chiropractor blog ideas and social media content for chiropractic businesses to use on their marketing channels!

Chiropractors are in the business of helping people feel their best. When it comes to marketing your business, you want to focus on content that is educational and informative. By providing helpful, informative content, you will be able to capture the attention of your target audience and build trust with potential patients. When it comes to selling your services, it will be much easier if they have already been educated on the benefits of chiropractic care and have a positive impression of your business.

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But in this blog post, I want you to feel the creative juices flowing and start brainstorming content ideas for chiropractors to help set your business apart from the competition! Keep reading to see the 101 blog post and social media content ideas you can use to market your business.

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101 Content Ideas for Your Chiropractic Business: 1-25

1. Day in the Life of a Chiropractor

Social media: Live stream, vlog, or share stories behind the scenes content in your day as a chiropractor. Share your process for seeing a new patient versus a returning patient!

Blog: If you share content on your Instagram stories or live, repurpose that into a blog post. Write a timeline of your day, from when you wake up (or arrive at your clinic) to going home! 

2. Foundations of Chiropractic Care

Social Media: Create a carousel post about the three foundations of chiropractic care (or the number you choose, based on your knowledge and expertise). Create an infographic or image that your audience can re-share.

Blog: Use the graphic you created for social media and write a blog post about it! Write a list-style article about the three foundations of chiropractic care and why you think those are the most important.

3. Client Success Story – Personal Transformation with Chiropractic Care 

Social Media: Share before and after photos or videos of patients that benefit from chiropractic care. If you have any video testimonial where someone shares how chiropractic treatment helped them, share that here also!

Blog: Write out this person’s transformation in a blog post. Share the issue they were struggling with, your initial treatment plan, and how you saw them improve with chiropractic treatment over time. 

4. Chiropractic Care while Pregnant

Social Media: Ask one of your pregnant patients to come in and model what chiropractic care can look like when expecting. A video detailing all the ways that chiropractic care can help ease the aches and pains of pregnancy would also work well here!

Blog: This would be an excellent opportunity for a blog series! Write a blog for each trimester (you could even do a post-natal blog, too!) detailing how a pregnant person’s body changes and how chiropractic care can help mitigate some of the discomforts that come from pregnancy.

5. Chiropractic Care for Kids

Social Media: Many parents or guardians do not want their child’s faces on social media, so this can be tricky. I suggest a carousel post on chiropractic care’s benefits and advantages for kids of different ages. Think benefits for toddlers, benefits for school-age children, and benefits for adolescents. Carousel posts will educate your audience while protecting your pediatric patients’ privacy. 

Blog: Sometimes, it’s nice to get a little personal with blogs. Your audience may enjoy reading about one particular pediatric patient (with their name changed, of course). Think of it as a case study: why did this patient come to you? What did you do to help them? How did your services enrich their life? 

6. Why Chiropractic Adjustments Are Essential for Self-Care

Social Media: This topic lends itself easily to a short reel. Reels tend to get a lot of views right now, especially when using trending audio. Find trending audios that could work with a list and then create! Reels can get your content in front of many people – not just your follower list! 

Blog: I suggest repurposing the reel you created for social media into a blog post. Repurposing content is a great way to avoid burnout because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Use the list you already made and create a skimmable, easily digestible blog that tells people how chiropractic care can be self-care.

7. Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Social Media: This is the perfect opportunity to use the skeleton or spine model sitting in your office! Film a short video showing common areas for back pain, and then show how chiropractic care can help ease this pain by demonstrating on your model.

Blog: What are the ways people commonly injure their backs? There are probably too many to list, but taking the top three or five and centering a blog post around them would appeal to many website visitors. You could go into detail about how the injuries happen and how an appointment with you can help to alleviate the pain associated with the injuries.

8. Chiropractor Care for Neck Pain

Social Media: If you have a willing patient, you can film some of your treatment for neck pain and post it to your social media. Videos are a great way to reach your audience!

Blog: Remember the blog post I suggested you create for back pain? The same idea can work for neck pain! 

9. Chiropractic Care for Arthritis

Social Media: Create a graphic in Canva and then compose an extended caption about all the benefits of chiropractic care for arthritis. A more extended caption will allow you to include a different level of detail than a video (if you are anything like me, you might forget some key points on camera!).

Blog: Longer social media captions are easy to repurpose into blogs. Make sure you use long-tail keywords and include more details about the topic to set it apart from your original caption.

10. Chiropractic Care for Anxiety and Depression

Social Media: How many people, on average, are diagnosed with anxiety or depression in their lifetime? (Spoiler alert: it’s more than you’d think)  Using a number (or a statistic) would help your audience see how many people worldwide could benefit from chiropractic care. This is the perfect time to ensure your caption is backed by research!

Blog: Since many people have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, a detailed explanation of those two mental illnesses is unnecessary. You can just jump right into discussing how to discuss the ways chiropractic care can benefit people diagnosed with anxiety or depression. (A list of the five most significant benefits might work well!)

11. Managing your Mental Health with Chiropractic Adjustments

Social Media: Mental health management is everywhere on social media right now. Find trending audio and create a reel detailing how seeing a chiropractor can help your audience manage their mental health. Don’t forget a solid call to action at the end (e.g. click here for an appointment!).

Blog: Can you write this blog post in the first person? Writing a blog post about how you personally manage your mental health with chiropractic adjustments may have more of an impact than writing about it from a more removed, scientific angle.

12. The Science Behind Pain Relief After Adjustments

Social Media: Creating a post that starts with “Did you know…?” may be an excellent way to draw your followers in. If you set your caption up with a question, your audience will be more likely to engage. 

Blog: This is a good time for you to show off the information you learned when you got your degree. Get scientific here and back up your claims with sources and quotes to get your website visitor’s attention. 

13. Managing Your Chronic Illness with Chiropractic Care

Social Media: Showing off one of your patient’s “before and after” (or “before and during”) could really go a long way in encouraging other followers who are struggling with chronic illness to make an appointment with you.

Blog: It’s always a good idea to highlight success stories, and this topic lends itself really easily to that. Take the time to really explain to your audience how chiropractors manage chronic pain and then share some personal stories from patients you have treated.

14. Alternative Wellness practices you need to know about in 2022

Social Media: Turn this topic into a carousel post, with each alternative wellness practice getting its own slide and graphic. End your post by encouraging people to click on the link in your bio to visit your blog for more information. 

Blog: Repurpose the carousel you made for social media! Add in extra details and information so that readers of your chiropractor blog feel fully informed about all of these new wellness practices. 

15. Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia

Social Media: Make a short video explaining the different treatments you offer to help patients manage fibromyalgia. Include strong keywords in your caption so more people searching for information about fibromyalgia will see it!

Blog: Fibromyalgia may not be an illness most people are familiar with. Start this blog with a description of fibromyalgia and then write about how chiropractic care can help people to manage it.

16. The Top Foods You Need in your Wellness Routine

Social Media: It would be fun to take this post to the grocery store. Film yourself grabbing the foods on your list (or take photos) at the store and then put it all together to make a short video. 

Blog: A list-style blog article would work perfectly here. First, create your list (odd numbers are best!), then write a few sentences about each one. Boom! Your blog practically wrote itself!

17. Breakfast Ideas to Keep You in Top Shape

Social Media: Use a carousel of images of each breakfast while going into further detail on each one in the caption. Try to make sure all the photos’ backgrounds are the same, and keep it neutral. You want attention on the food – not your messy kitchen counter!

Blog: It’s important to include links in your chiropractor blog posts. I suggest finding two or three solid recipes or ideas on other websites to include in your blog (along with your own ideas, of course!). This will help get your post ranked higher with search engines and that will help get you more website visitors. 

18. 6 Benefits of Probiotics

Social Media: Write a longer caption about what probiotics are and what their benefits are. You could take a picture of all the probiotics you have in your house, or create a simple graphic in Canva.

Blog: List-style articles are some of the easiest to read – and some of the easiest to write! Jot down the six benefits you would like to write about and then expand from there.

19. Chiropractic Care during COVID-19

Social Media: People would like watching a video about what was happening in your office during the height of COVID-19. What policies made things difficult? What policies helped keep your patients safe? Highlight those to give followers a “peek behind the curtain.”

Blog: Use this blog to answer this question: How did chiropractic care change during COVID-19? And, as a follow-up, will chiropractic care ever go back to the way it was before COVID-19?

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20. Why Breaks Are Important for Self-Care

Social Media: There are so many articles and accounts talking about self-care right now. How can you set yours apart? Think about what you do for a break that may be different because you’re a chiropractor and approach the caption for the post from that angle.

Blog: What does it mean to you to take a break? As a chiropractor, I’m guessing it means something different than someone who isn’t as familiar with the effects of stress and pain on the body. Write a blog detailing how breaks can be beneficial for your body and self-care.

21. What You Need to Know About Scoliosis

Social Media: Create an infographic for this post that draws your audience’s attention. An eye-catching graphic about scoliosis will encourage them to read a longer caption.

Blog: Use research to create this chiropractor blog post. Be sure to include lots of sources, as well as personal anecdotes you have learned from your time as a chiropractor.

22. How Chiropractors Can Support Your Immune System

Social Media: Make this a more personal social media post. Take a picture of yourself in your office so your followers can put a face to your name. Forging that personal connection will help keep them engaged in your content.

Blog: Write this blog as a list of the different things you personally do that can help support your patients and their immune systems. A great time of year to post this blog is during the winter when our immune systems are working overtime!

23. 11 Reasons to See a Chiropractor

Social Media: Turning this topic into a short video with trending audio will be sure to get your audience’s attention! There are a lot of examples of this type of video for you to base yours off of – check the explore page of your social media account and see if you can find some good examples!

Blog: People love reading blogs written as lists. They’re easily digestible and skimmable – two important things in today’s busy world! The trick is to make sure all the points included in your list are of good quality. Really spend some time thinking about the list for this blog to make sure you hit on all the reasons someone might see a chiropractor.

24. What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Appointment

Social Media: Use a carousel of images or videos (or both!) to give new and prospective patients a good idea of what their first appointment might look like. Start with check-in, then move on to the appointment, and finally end with a glimpse of your check-out procedure.

Blog: Your social media post for this topic was personalized to your office and your practice, but your blog entry should be more general. Instead of including all the details specific to your office, go through a first chiropractic appointment in more general terms so that anyone searching for that topic will find your blog.

25. Nervous System 101

Social Media: It would be a good idea to utilize a picture or graphic of the nervous system here before delving into greater detail in your caption. There’s a lot that can be said about the nervous system, so include the three most important things people should know and then direct your followers to visit your blog for a more detailed discussion.

Blog:  Repurpose your social media caption for a blog entry that goes into detail about the nervous system. What do most people need to know? What is important about the nervous system in chiropractic care? Be sure to answer those questions!

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101 Chiropractor Blog Ideas Ultimate List: 26-50

26. The Advantages of Stretching and How to Do It Appropriately

Social Media: This is a good place to showcase a before and after. What are the tangible ways stretching has helped your patients? Show those in photos and use the captions to describe how others can get those same results!

Blog: Stretching is something everyone knows about, so no need to go into great detail about what stretching is, etc. Keep things interesting for your website visitors and focus on a few basic stretches you see people struggle with the most. Be sure to include photos throughout your blog so people know exactly what you are talking about.

27. How to Get the Most Out of Your Chiropractic Visits

Social Media: Utilize a carousel with each point as a new slide. It’s easy to make graphics on canva that people want to swipe through. Come up with a list of five things that help your patients get the most out of their chiropractic visit and build your caption and graphic around those.

Blog: Make each heading in this chiropractor blog a question, and the corresponding paragraph the answer. Questions like “What do I need to do to prepare for my visit?” or “How can I be sure I am asking the right questions at my appointment?” will work well for this blog.

28. Importance of Sleep for Better Health

Social Media: What are the benefits of sleep? Answer that question in a short video or reel with trending audio. Make sure your caption utilizes strong keywords so it will show up in more people’s feeds.

Blog: Use links to other websites in this blog entry to rank higher in search engines. Do some research on your own and then explain the best parts of it in your blog!

29. Tips for Avoiding the Flu in 2022

Social Media: I would showcase a carousel of photos of things that will help your patients avoid the flu in this post. Use the same background and camera for all the photos – having quality pictures makes a big difference!

Blog: You definitely want to post this blog in October before flu season is in full swing. If you post it much later then it won’t do your website visitors much good!

30. 5 Plant-Based Protein Sources

Social Media: Include a photo of each plant-based protein source with a short review of each in your caption. You can also hold polls in your Instagram stories to see which one your followers prefer. Or, you could ask people to submit their favorite easy recipes/hacks for each plant-based protein source!

Blog: Use a list-style article to review different protein sources here. If you are part of an affiliate program, this is a great place to use your links!

31. 15 Low-Impact Exercises to try this New Year

Social Media: Since this post has “New Year” in the title, it’s probably pretty obvious that you should post it in January! Make a short video of three – five different exercises and then describe them in more detail in your caption.

Blog: Create short videos to go along with each low-impact exercise and post them on your blog along with a short description. Including video in your blog will make it more exciting and appealing to your readers.

32. Q&A with a Chiropractor

Social Media: This is a chance for you to be more personal and have a little bit of fun with your account. You could film a “this or that” video or have someone in your office ask you some silly questions. When your followers feel like they know you on a more personal level, they will feel more comfortable coming in for an appointment.

Blog: What are the most commonly asked questions you get as a chiropractor? This is your chance to answer them! They don’t all have to be academic – what are some of the questions people ask you about your job that come up all the time (like “Do you do adjustments for your family members?” or “Are adjustments painful?”).

33. Tips for Keeping your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

Social Media: Post this as a short video about three months after the new year (when everyone starts to fall off the wagon!). Give three solid tips for keeping resolutions and then go into more detail in the caption.

Blog: Repurpose the above social media post, but instead of three tips for keeping your resolutions, expand it to five or seven. 

34. Why Your Body Needs a Healthy Spine

Social Media: If you can, showing photos of an unhealthy spine as a “before” and that same spine back in alignment as an “after” will really appeal to your audience. Real life examples and stories always get high engagement! 

Blog: Talk about all the ways an unhealthy spine can limit your life, and then discuss how much easier those things are with a healthy spine. Put “healthy spine” in the context of everyday activities to make it more appealing to website visitors.

35. Practicing Yoga for a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Social Media: Do you personally practice yoga? If not, try doing a collaboration with a local yoga studio! Ask them to cross-post about the benefits of yoga and chiropractic care. Each account can tag the other and reach a larger audience. You will likely get more engagement if you include a deal with this post (like a free yoga session, or a discounted first patient appointment).

Blog: Write this blog from a research-based standpoint. What makes yoga good for your mind? Your body? What research backs that up?

36. Importance of Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

Social Media: Turn this social media post into a graphic with an informative caption. Real life photos of car accidents may be disturbing to some people, and you want to avoid alienating your audience.

Blog: Discuss the ways a car accident can damage your body, and the ways chiropractic care can help. Be sure to cover the most common aches and pains that are associated with car accidents so you can reach a wide number of website visitors.

37. Should You Visit A Physical Therapist or A Chiropractor for Your Chronic Pain?

Social Media: Do you know any physical therapists who would be willing to create a social media series with you? It would be a great chance to cross-promote on another account and potentially gain some new followers or clients. Have each post go into ways each can help with chronic pain, and be sure to tag each other!

Blog: Use this blog post to talk about all the benefits of chiropractic care for chronic pain. Discuss why chiropractors are so helpful in managing chronic pain, and what you specifically do that physical therapists might not.

38. Massage Therapy versus Going to the Chiropractor for Neck and Joint Pain

Social Media: You might preview this post by creating polls on your Instagram stories about massage therapy vs. chiropractic care. It will create excitement and engagement from your followers before you post so they will be more likely to read the caption.

Blog: For this chiropractor blog, write about neck pain and then move on to joint pain. Your major heading should be “Neck Pain” and then have a subheading for massage therapy and another subheading for chiropractic care. Then, do the same for joint pain. Keeping the information organized will help your website visitors to read more quickly and thoroughly.

39. Creating an Office Fitness Routine

Social Media: This is perfect for a short video. Film yourself (or an office mate!) doing a series of exercises and then expand on each one of them in your caption. If you use trending audio you will get a higher engagement, so pay attention to the one you choose!

Blog: Photos and videos really need to accompany this blog. First, create your routine and then gather the media pieces you need for it. Make it easy enough that most people can handle it, but you can also throw in a few more advanced moves for fun!

40. 22 Stretches Perfect for Your Desk

Social Media: It’s going to be tough to highlight all 22 stretches in one social media post, so for this one, focus on five you can demonstrate via video and then refer your followers to the link in your bio for the complete list. 

Blog: It’s essential that this blog post has high-quality images or videos to go with each stretch. You don’t need a lot of copy written for this chiropractor blog, but definitely include one or two sentences about the benefits of each stretch!

41. 10 Tips for a Healthy Spine

Social Media: A carousel of images would work well here to show all your followers the different things they can do in their everyday lives to ensure they have a healthy spine!

Blog: Use a list-style approach for this blog entry. Make all of your tips simple things that anyone can do (think: hacks) and incorporate them into their life.

42. Low-Impact Workouts to Balance Sore Muscles and Joint Pain

Social Media: This idea could be an excellent series for you. Come up with five great low-impact workouts for sore muscles and joint pain, film them, and then post one each week. If you film them and write the caption for each all at once, you will have batched many posts and won’t even have to think about them before you hit post!

Blog: Make sure you have videos detailing the low-impact workouts you are suggesting. It will be much easier for your audience to engage with the blog (and come back to it!) if they can see what you want them to do!

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43. How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Wellness Routine

Social Media: A short video would work well to highlight all the different ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your wellness routine. Don’t forget to use an audio file that will grab your audience’s attention!

Blog: Start this chiropractor blog post by detailing what a wellness routine is and then discuss how people can incorporate mindfulness into it. It’s ok to get a little personal here – where do you use mindfulness? How do you find it helpful?

44. 7 Benefits of Mindfulness for Mental Health

Social Media: Make a carousel with infographics discussing all seven benefits. The first graphic should be the title, then the next seven should have one benefit per slide, and then make the final slide/graphic your call to action.

Blog: Create a list-style blog of the seven most significant benefits of mindfulness to mental health. It wouldn’t hurt to include links to some other websites in the details of your explanation!

45. Avoiding Burnout with Self-Care

Social Media: You could create a fun before and after video showing you or one of your office mates experiencing burnout (as the before), and then the after could be how self-care saved you from burnout. It’s ok to have fun with social media and make some of your videos more on the silly side! The videos that get a laugh or a smile can get really solid engagement and reach.

Blog: Discuss what self-care means and the different ways people utilize self-care. Then discuss the harmful effects of burnout and how those can be mitigated with self-care strategies and activities. 

46. Chiropractic Care for Heart Health

Social Media: Is there a patient whose story you could showcase here? A personal story about how chiropractic care helped someone’s heart health would be very interesting to your followers! Then, refer people to the link in your bio for your blog about the same topic.

Blog: This blog should be informative in nature, and full of research and statistics. While your social media post was specifically about one person, write this blog to the general population. 

47. Chiropractor Care for Gastrointestinal Health

Social Media: Utilize a statistic in an infographic for this post. How many people suffer from gastrointestinal pain? How much of that pain can be alleviated by chiropractic care? Many people may not know that a visit to the chiropractor can help with gastrointestinal health!

Blog: Use this blog entry to answer the question, “How can going to the chiropractor help my gastrointestinal health?” The answer to that question should create the outline for your blog and make it easier to write.

48. 10 Steps to Making Healthier Choices in 2022

Social Media: Turn this social media idea into a short video showcasing the ten steps you’ve chosen to highlight. You can use static photos for the video or separate video clips.

Blog: For this chiropractor blog entry, make each step a heading and then write a short paragraph explaining either how to complete the step, or the easiest way to do it. 

49. Natural Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia Pain

Social Media: Create a graphic that lists three to five natural treatment options for fibromyalgia pain and then go into more detail in your caption. Be sure you use strong keywords so more people see your post!

Blog: Choose five or seven natural treatment options and discuss each one in its own paragraph. Remember, skimmable blog posts are the ones that get the most traffic!

50. Top Chiropractor Therapies for Children

Social Media: Do you have a child of your own you could use as an example for this post? Or a willing patient (with parent permission, of course!) who would be excited to be in a few photos? Use static images here and create a carousel showing the top chiropractor therapies for children.

Blog: Choose three treatments or therapies that you use most on children and explain them in detail here. Be sure you go over the safety of each one, as parents will want that information!

101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors Blog 3

101 Content Ideas to Promote Your Chiropractic Practice: 51-75

51. Top Chiropractor Therapies for Seniors

Social Media: Choose a senior patient and showcase him or her in a before and after post. Show his/her progress and the things you did to help!

Blog: Create a list of three to five chiropractor therapies you use with seniors and then write about each one for this blog. It will be informative, but easy to read because you will have broken it into smaller parts by therapy type. 

52. Surviving Stress in the Workplace

Social Media: Use upbeat audio for a reel or short video that gives tips for surviving stress in the workplace. Using an upbeat song will help to spin the topic in a more positive light.

Blog: How does stress manifest itself in the body? Use that angle when writing your blog post. Try to answer the question, “How can I care for myself while still existing in a stressful environment?”

53. 7 Tips for Getting More Daily Steps

Social Media: Do you walk every day? If you do, create a sped-up video of your feet as you go on one of your daily walks! Then, write out your tips in the caption.

Blog: Use the tips you came up with for your social media caption and expand on them for this blog post.

54. Post-Surgery Chiropractic Care

Social Media: This topic would lend itself easily to your Instagram stories, as well as a post. Open it up to your followers by asking (in stories) their concerns about going to a chiropractor after surgery. Use their responses to create your post.

Blog: What are some of the concerns people have about going to the chiropractor after surgery? Write those out to create your outline. Once you have your outline, write a short paragraph for each concern/bullet point to write your post!

55. Tips for Managing Chronic Pain for Pain Awareness Month (September)

Social Media: It probably goes without saying, but this is a post you will want to schedule for September! A carousel with one tip per slide would work well here, with a caption discussing chronic pain and Pain Awareness Month.

Blog: It would be helpful to schedule this post for the beginning of September or a few days right before the month begins. That way, when people are searching for Pain Awareness Month, you will be able to get as many clicks and views as possible throughout the month.

56. Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Social Media: Do you have any patients who are athletes? Ask them to help you with this post! You could use a photo of the athlete and then describe how you helped them in the caption. If you wanted, you could even make this a series – find four or five different athletes and post one per week!

Blog: You can repurpose your social media post for this blog, but you will want to make the copy a little more general. Instead of focusing totally on the athletes themselves, broaden it by focusing on the sport they play. You might include a photo of your patient and say something like, “This is Matt and he plays tennis. Tennis players tend to have trouble with……so chiropractic care can help by….” 

57. 10 Signs You Need Chiropractic Treatment

Social Media: Turn this post into a short video highlighting the signs someone may need chiropractic treatment. It’s time to use your acting skills! It’s ok to have fun with this one – your followers will like seeing something lighthearted from your account. Use your caption to explain in more detail why they may need to come to see you.

Blog: Write a list-style blog post for this topic, but ensure each paragraph following each numbered reason is short and clearly written. That will make sure website visitors read through your entire post.

58. How Chiropractors Treat GERD and Heartburn

Social Media: Use an infographic here about GERD and/or heartburn, while going into more detail in the caption. Many people don’t know this is something chiropractors can help with, so you want to get the information out as clearly as possible.

Blog: Start this chiropractor blog post with some basic information on GERD and heartburn. Then, tell your readers why seeing a chiropractor can help them treat or manage those ailments.

59. What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Social Media: Would one of your patients be willing to let you post a video (you don’t have to include his/her face) showing what an adjustment looks like? The video will grab your audience’s attention, while the caption can give them all the necessary information they want about chiropractic adjustments.

Blog: It might be helpful to break this topic into a step-by-step guide. Numbered lists are easier to read than one block of text. Go through a chiropractic adjustment step-by-step so your website visitors leave your site knowing exactly what goes into one.

60. What is a Chiropractor?

Social Media: Use this post as an opportunity to introduce yourself (yes, that means using a picture of YOU!) to your followers. Tell them in the caption a little about who you are and what exactly you do as a chiropractor. It will be informative and personal, which will be sure to get you great engagement!

Blog: Make this an informative blog post for those who are searching for an answer to a question. Be clear, concise, and inform them of everything you think they should know about what a chiropractor does. 

61. How to Become a Chiropractor

Social Media: How did YOU become a chiropractor? Show photos of your degrees or of you on graduation day. Let your followers see all the work it took to get you to where you are now.

Blog: What kind of degree and training does someone need to become a chiropractor? Use this blog post to go into all the work it takes to become one!

62. 7 Benefits of Combining Massage with Chiropractic Care

Social Media: Can you do a partnership post with a local masseuse? Their account can share information about the benefits of chiropractic care and you can share the benefits of massage on yours. It will get you more followers and engagement – even more, if you can offer a discount for new patients who mention the post!

Blog: Make this an informational blog post that draws on research from other websites. In addition to presenting the research, you may want to throw in a few anecdotes about massage in the context of your own patients and office.

63. 10 Tips for Battling Anxiety

Social Media: Turn this post into a short video with trending audio. Your caption can be more detailed because the video is what will draw viewers in.

Blog: Utilize the list-style article here so website viewers can easily see what all the tips are when they are skimming. Make sure your tips are high-quality so they stop skimming and read what you wrote for real!

64. 3 Tips for Better Posture While Working

Social Media: Can you do a photo carousel of three mistakes people make with their posture while they’re working? One slide should be the “no” posture, and the following slide can be how to fix it. 

Blog: Repurpose the social media post photos from this topic. Go into detail on your chiropractor blog about why posture while working is important, and how the tips you recommend can benefit someone’s life AND their work day.

65. Chiropractor’s Top Tips for Better Posture While Sleeping

Social Media: Make this a series for three or four weeks. Each week create one post that discusses a tip for improving sleep posture. Refer people to your blog to see all of them at once.

Blog: Make a list of your top tips and then write about how your website viewers can put them into action (even while sleeping!). You can use the photos or graphics from your social media post to break up the text.

66. Best Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain

Social Media: Make a short video that shows each sleeping position, but only for one second each! If your audience wants more details on each one, they will have to read your informative caption.

Blog: In this blog post, really go into depth about why each of the sleeping positions you are highlighting will help with neck pain. You are writing as an expert, so make sure it comes across that way!

67. How to Improve Your Posture in 2022

Social Media: People love self-help and improvement. It would be smart to post this near the beginning of the year (you can change the year to 2023 if that works better for your content calendar!) to capitalize on their desire to start fresh and work hard towards their resolutions.

Blog: What are the benefits of good posture? Discuss those first before diving in to how readers can improve their posture. It would make the most sense to post this blog near the beginning of the year.

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68. Can Chiropractic Care Help Car Accident Injuries?

Social Media: Do you have a patient you can showcase here who saw you after being in a car accident? This would be a good time for them to do a testimonial for you and turn it into a social media post.

Blog: Obviously, your answer to this question is YES, but your job in this blog is to tell your readers HOW and why chiropractic care after a car accident is essential.

69. The Gut-Brain Connection and Why It’s Important

Social Media: Do you think most of your followers know about the gut-brain connection? If not, make this an infographic carousel that explains what it is and why it is crucial. You can refer your audience to your blog for more information.

Blog: Turn your informative social media post into a longer, more detailed blog. Using links to other websites and articles will help you rank higher in search engines, so spend some time collecting a few credible resources you can use in your post.

70. 7 Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Social Media: People love watching videos – social media is full of short-form video content right now! Turn this topic into a fun and short video that informs and entertains. You can list out your tips in the caption.

Blog: Create a list with each tip as a heading so it stands out from the rest of your text. Make this a quick article so people who are searching for answers can get through it in just a few moments. Write just one or two sentences (with strong keywords!) about each tip.

71. Identifying the Root Cause of Your Illness

Social Media: Is this something you have personally struggled with? If so, it is ok to make this social media post slightly more personal. Discuss your journey for answers and how you are doing today.

Blog: What are the general steps you recommend someone take when trying to do this? Turn those steps into an outline for your blog post, and then build out from there.

72. 13 Exercises to Do at the Airport

Social Media: You may feel silly doing this, but capturing a few seconds of you doing these exercises the next time you are at an airport will make the most impact. If you’re encouraging people to do these in public, you have to show them that it’s not embarrassing or scary by doing them yourself!

Blog: Be sure to include video clips (repurposed from your social media post) or photos of these exercises. It is much easier to do an exercise when you have an example in front of you!

101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors Pinterest5

73. Natural Treatment Options for Mental Health

Social Media: What are three natural treatment options you might recommend to someone struggling with mental health? Go in depth in the caption for each one and then refer readers to your blog for further detail.

Blog: Use this blog to inform website visitors about all the options that are out there for people who are struggling with their mental health. Remember to include a disclaimer that your blog should not be taken as medical advice.

74. 10 Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Social Media: Create a short video with trending audio that flashes the entire list at the end. It won’t be on screen long, but that will entice viewers to read the caption (where you will go into the list in more detail). 

Blog: Do you have any affiliate links with amazon or food subscription services? If so, you can place them within this blog! Also, include links to other articles and research on why going plant-based is so beneficial for overall health.

75. 5 Reasons to Cut Back on Sugar This Year

Social Media: There are two times of year that this topic could work well. First, the beginning of the year so you can capitalize on everyone’s desire to follow through on their resolutions. And second, right before the Fall/Winter holidays begin (when candy and sweets and baked goods just seem to be everywhere!). 

Blog: When writing this blog, be sure you talk about the harms of too much sugar, and how your website visitors can accomplish cutting back on it. Make sure to give them a solid call to action at the end so they leave feeling resolved to cut back on sugar!

101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors Blog2

101 Chiropractor Blog Ideas: 76-101

76. How Essential Oils Complement Chiropractic Care

Social Media: Make a list of the three or four best essential oils to use in partnership with chiropractic care. Use your caption to detail what they do and why they work so well. Your graphic can be a well-curated photo of the oils in your office.

Blog: Make a list of seven essential oils that you recommend to your chiropractic patients. For each one discuss what they do and their benefits. You want your readers to leave this blog feeling well-informed. (And, if you have any affiliate links for essential oils, this is a great place to use them!)

77. How Chiropractic Care Compares to Other Treatment Options

Social Media: What are the treatment options you hear about the most when people are deciding on chiropractic care? Discuss those in your caption while using a graphic as your photo.

Blog: Begin this chiropractor blog post with a discussion of the significant benefits of chiropractic care. Once you have established why chiropractic care is so good for people’s health, you can start talking about the other options that are out there.

78. Chiropractic Alternatives to Opioid Use

Social Media: It’s ok to make a somewhat longer video to explain something important. This may be a good opportunity to do an Instagram live on the alternatives to opioids. Lives are good because you can repurpose the longer video into shorter ones later on. 

Blog: Use your Instagram live as a framework for your blog post. Even though you’re using your live as a starting point, it is still important to make sure your blog is organized and clearly written!

79. Chiropractic Clinics Frequently Asked Questions 

Social Media: Consider three of your most asked questions and turn this into a carousel. One slide should be the question, while the next should be a video of you answering it. You can use the caption to transcribe the video!

Blog: Create a list of your most asked questions and answer each one for this blog post. As a bonus, once you have finished writing it you can turn it into an FAQ page for your website!

80. How Often Should You See a Chiropractor?

Social Media: Ask your patients when they come in for a week how often they come to see you. Then, put all the clips together and discuss the different answers and reasons in your caption.

Blog: The answer to this question probably depends on the patient, right? Make this blog post a little longer than average so you can discuss how often someone should visit a chiropractor for a variety of instances (well visits, injury, pain, etc.).

81. Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

Social Media: Using a testimonial from a patient would work well here. Your caption could discuss how chiropractic treatment helps whiplash, while the testimonial would give the post a more personal perspective.

Blog: Be detailed here with a solid call to action at the end. You want website viewers in your area who are suffering from whiplash to call your office and make an appointment with you!

82. 6 Healthy Snacks to Try in 2022

Social Media: Take your phone to the grocery store and either take pictures or video of the new snacks you find. Your caption can discuss each one’s nutritional value and health benefits.

Blog: Make sure you utilize any food-related affiliate links in this blog post! Definitely post this at the beginning of the year if you keep the title as is, but if you want to post at a different time of year you can constantly adjust the title (like best healthy snacks for fall, best healthy snacks for vacation, etc.).

83. Treating Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Social Media: Show a carousel of photos with each type of treatment you provide for headaches. Be sure to explain them in the caption because your followers may not be familiar with all of them!

Blog: Make each type of headache treatment a heading in your blog. This will make it easy for your readers to get through it quickly!

84. 3 Yoga Poses for Spinal Health

Social Media: Partner with a yoga studio and have someone there demonstrate these poses. Tag their account in the post, and see if they will let you create a post about chiropractic care for them. Cross-promotion is always a good idea!

Blog: Be sure to include videos or photos of these poses throughout your blog post. It will help your website visitors to have a visual to work from if they decide to try the poses out.

85. 5 Common Conditions Chiropractors Help Treat

Social Media: Can you do a carousel full of testimonials? On one slide, list a condition, and on the next have a testimonial from a patient that details how you helped him/her with your chiropractic care.

Blog: Organizing this blog should be easy! Make each condition a heading and then discuss what it is and how chiropractic care can help. Website viewers will leave your blog feeling informed and motivated to seek out care!

86. Why Is Disease Prevention Important?

Social Media: Take this topic live on your page and then list a few of the details from your talk on your caption. You can repurpose the live into reels, stories, or caption ideas!

Blog: Come up with five reasons disease prevention is essential and then write a list-style article that goes in-depth for each one. 

87. Safe Backpacks & Bags for Back Health

Social Media: Post this in August or September – around the time everyone is heading back to school. If you wanted, you could do a review series where you take the best bags you have found for back health and give the pros and cons of each (think: five bags and one post per day!).

Blog: Utilize your affiliate links with each review of the bags. Try and find five bags to review and create a rating system you discuss at the beginning of your blog post.

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88. Preventing Neck Pain While Traveling

Social Media: It would be best to create this post and caption after you get back from traveling. Remember to take photos of all the ways you are preventing neck pain to use in your post! 

Blog: Use the photos you posted on social media and expand on why each one prevents neck pain. What is the reason each one prevents neck pain? You could even have a small section on what to do if you get neck pain while traveling.

89. Chiropractic Care for Diabetes Management

Social Media: This post will really only appeal to a niche audience – those with a personal connection to diabetes. Make sure to include strong keywords in your caption and hashtags so it shows up in the feeds of people most likely to interact with it.

Blog: Use this blog to answer the question, “How does chiropractic care help with my diabetes management?” Your answers to that question will form your outline, and then you can build out from there!

90. Chiropractic Treatment Options for Cancer Patients

Social Media: Make this an informative post that discusses some of the most common problems and side effects you have seen with cancer patients. How did you help them? What treatments did you use? Use an infographic as your visual.

Blog: Be sure to include a disclaimer on this post that you are not offering medical advice with this blog. Discuss how chiropractic care can help cancer patients with different aspects of their treatment (pain relief, numbness, stress, etc.).

91. Top Wellness Tips to Live by in 2022

Social Media: You could do this post in December as a kind of retrospective on the tips you used throughout the year, and then discuss your tips for the coming year in the caption.

Blog: Make a short list of the tips you would like to discuss in this blog, and try to provide personal or anecdotal evidence to support them. It will make your blog more personable and keep people engaged and reading!

101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors Pinterest3

92. Chiropractic Treatment for Asthma & Allergies

Social Media: Use an infographic here and then spend time in the caption detailing all the ways that chiropractic treatment can help those who have asthma and/or allergies. The best time to post this would be right when seasonal allergies start to show up!

Blog: Make this as research-based as you can. One reason for this is that including links to credible sources will help you rank higher with search engines. The second reason is that you are writing to inform people here, so you want to give your website visitors the best evidence you can so they can leave your site feeling knowledgeable. 

93. The Science Behind a Healthy Spine

Social Media: Use one of the models of the spine in your office as a prop during an Instagram live or vlog to demonstrate the science behind a healthy spine. Using the prop will engage followers and encourage them to watch.

Blog: Here’s a great time to draw on all your knowledge of the spine and tell your audience what exactly makes a spine healthy. You may want to also discuss what makes a spine unhealthy, along with ways to people can make their spines healthier.

94. Why You Should Consider Eating Less Meat

Social Media: Do you personally watch your meat intake? If so, you can make this social media post more personal in nature. Discuss in the caption why you have started eating less meat and what that has done for your overall health. 

Blog: Try and come up with five reasons you think people should eat less meat. Turn those into the headings of your chiropractor blog and then expand each one to fill it out. 

101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors Blog1

95. How to Cope with Infertility

Social Media: This is a sensitive topic for many people, and you should handle it in a respectful way on social media. Make one graphic with the topic on it, and then talk about how to cope with infertility in the caption. 

Blog: It would be a good idea to include resources in this blog for those who are struggling with infertility. You can also link to some of your other posts that discuss mental health or stress relief since coping with infertility is typically a very stressful situation.

96. Effects of Blue Light Technology on Your Health

Social Media: Make this an informative social media post with a lot of good information in the caption. Refer followers to your blog for more detailed information.

Blog: Repurpose the caption you wrote for your social media post and expand on it. Include more details, links to research and evidence, and ways to counteract blue light technology.

97. 10 Facts for National Chiropractic Health Month (October)

Social Media: This topic would be fun to explore in your Instagram stories before you post it. Leading up to the post, put one fact per day in your stories with a poll or true/false, etc. to encourage engagement. Then, on the last day, put all the facts together in one post and caption!

Blog: Make sure you get this post out at the beginning of October (or maybe even September so other people have time to link to it and discover it!). Provide links for the sources of your facts so that you will rank higher in search engines.

98. 10 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Chiropractor

Social Media: Ask ten patients to each read one reason in a short video clip. Then, put all the clips together to use for your post. 

Blog: The quality of the reasons on your list needs to be very good in order for people to read through your entire blog. Creating the list that will guide this blog is the most important part, so don’t do it halfway!

99. How to Combat Joint Inflammation

Social Media: What do you do in your office to combat joint inflammation? Create a carousel of videos demonstrating what you do with your patients to help them. Explain it in greater detail in the caption.

Blog: Begin your blog by discussing what joint inflammation is and what causes it. Then list a few things each person can do to mitigate it. In the end, include a strong call to action encouraging those with joint inflammation to make an appointment with you!

100. Best Essential Oils for Wellness

Social Media: This is a good opportunity to ask followers via your Instagram stories about their essential oil use. You could ask which ones they use, how often, and what they like about each one. You could use their answers to inform the caption for this post!

Blog: You can make this blog personal by writing about your favorite essential oils and why you like them. Remember to use any affiliate links here if you have them. 

101. How Often Should You Exercise, Really?

Social Media: You can make a lighthearted, fun video for this post with some retro exercise music and overexaggerated exercises. Use the caption to answer the question posed in the topic. 

Blog: While you want to answer the question posed in the topic, you should also spend some time in this blog talking about why overexercise or underexercise can harm the body. You can bring it back to chiropractic therapies by telling your readers which injuries you treat most often from over or under-exercising. 

SEO Content Marketing for Chiropractors

TL;DR: SEO content marketing is essential for chiropractic practices that want to stand out online and on social media. Write SEO blog posts that attract your ideal clients from Google while repurposing that content into formats for multiple platforms.

SEO Content Marketing for Chiropractors

Focusing on your blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing strategy to promote your chiropractor practice. SEO isn’t a one-and-done process. It’s also not as simple as choosing general keywords like “chiropractor near me” or “[city name] chiropractor” if you want to stand out.

Research the top competitors in your area (yes, research who is showing up on the first page of Google) and scope out their sites. How fast is the site loading? Does the site have a good user experience? How long is the copy on the home page? How often is the blog updated? How long are the top posts?

More than likely, your competitors are using long-tail (3-5 word phrase) keywords for their niche. For example, “top chiropractor for families in [CITY]” or “best prenatal chiropractor in [CITY].” Use a keyword research tool like KeySearch to research long-tail keywords and competitors in your area. And if you use WordPress, you can install a free SEO plug-in like RankMath to monitor your keyword rankings and track progress over time.

Content marketing to improve your SEO is important, but there are also technical SEO factors that play a big role as well. Book a Website Strategy Intensive to learn more actionable steps to improve your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategy for your chiropractic website. After all, you found this post on Google! Why not strategize with someone who can help your website rank on the first page too?!

I hope this list of social media content ideas and blog post ideas has inspired your content marketing strategy!

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