Have you ever had trouble with writing website copy for the about page on your website? You are not alone! The writer’s block struggle is REAL! 

Look, there’s no question that having an about page on your website is essential. After all, it’s one of the first places people will go to learn more about you and your business. But what makes great website copy for an about page? How can you write an attention-grabbing about page for your audience? What parts of your business should you include on an about page?

This blog post lists tips for writing website copy for your about page. I also share some examples of great about pages from past clients. By the end of this post, you should know and feel confident you can write authentic website copy for your page!

What to Include in Your About Page Website Copy

How can you be sure that your about page will help you stand out from the rest? When it comes to writing website copy for an about page, there are a few key things you’ll want to include:

– Tell your story. How did you get started in your business? What drove you to become an entrepreneur? How does your company help your community?

– Your mission and values. Make sure you share what you do and why you do it! Be clear about your mission and why you believe it is important. 

– Information about you or your team. This seems obvious, but your website copy should incorporate personal details about you! Use the about page to start building your relationship with your audience. Will clients interact with any other individuals in your business? If so, share some information (name, photo, a brief introduction) here! 

– Contact information and next steps. There should always be an easy way for people to contact you from your about page. Include a call to action to encourage your website visitors to take the next step!

Use this list as a loose outline for your website copy for your about page. It’s a simple way to organize your writing and ensure you do not forget to include something. 

Quick Tips for Writing Website Copy for Your About Page

Starting to feel the panic of writer’s block? Don’t be afraid – writing website copy for your about page is easier than you think.

Here are some of my favorite tips for creating an about page that people remember:

  1. Break up the text! Use images, videos, or other graphics to separate large blocks of text and add interest. 
  2. Keep it short and sweet! Remember that most people skim websites, so keep your website copy brief, clear, and easy to read.
  3. Show your personality! Include personal details throughout your about page. Don’t list accomplishments or dates — the people reading your story want to know more about YOU! So, make sure your about page helps them do that.

If you follow these tips, there’s no question that every visitor to your about page feels connected to you. Connection is important! It allows you to build trust and credibility with current and potential customers. 

Examples of Great About Pages from Past Website Copy Clients

I worked with Natasha on a website copy package, including her about page! She is a single mom of two and built her business to provide for her family. It’s important for me to get to know my clients so I can include those types of details on their about pages. Don’t be afraid to be personal in your website copy!

Lex is a food and mom blogger. We were actually pregnant with our daughters at the same time! It was so great to connect over that and her journey with healthy food as a Jamaican American. We worked together to make sure her about page truly reflected her story. (Not to toot my own horn, but this is one of the benefits of working with a conversion copywriter!)

Of course, I have to shout out to my own about page! It certainly reflects my background and journey with health and wellness. I’m sure I could update a few things here and there, though!

Website Copy Doesn’t Write Itself!

I hope you learned some useful tips for writing website copy for your about page. Spend a little time refining your about page to be welcoming, personal, and informative. Reap the benefits in your business later!

If you are really struggling with your about page, contact me, and we can talk about how I can help you. Be sure you subscribe to my weekly Writer’s Block newsletter (I send it out every Wednesday – I won’t spam you, I promise!) for more advice and tips on writing, life, and entrepreneurship.

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