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I'm Mikayla Taylor,
SEO strategist for creative women entrepreneurs.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

To formally introduce myself, my name is Mikayla Taylor (in case you couldn’t tell!) I’m a twenty-something woman of color with a passion for helping women entrepreneurs find their communities online.

Most importantly though, I am a wife and mom to a sweet little girl & feisty pup. Family is everything to me, and much of the driving force behind my business! 

I started this blog in my twenties as a place to share my experience navigating life with anxiety, GERD, and IBS (and many years later, an endometriosis diagnosis). These personal health challenges demonstrated the need for flexibility in my career and the impact of having multiple streams of income to support my health and self care.

I fell in love with the online space and the ability to connect with others who have faced similar challenges. I started my business offering copywriting and web design services, but was drawn to the blend of creativity and strategy of SEO. Over the years, I’ve evolved to focus solely on SEO for my clients (although you can work with me on a custom project for your website in an VIP Day).

As I transitioned into motherhood, I was welcomed by an amazing community of mompreneurs juggling business & babies while growing a brand and business. 

Today, it is my honor to serve other mompreneurs and help them bring balance and sustainability to their marketing strategies through search engine optimization (SEO). 

If you’ve been craving balance and sustainability in your online marketing, then welcome in!

what drives me

As an SEO strategist for women entrepreneurs, I’m dedicated to helping women in business stand out on the first page of Google. To me though, it’s more than the numbers or clicks — it’s about building connection and community in a digital space that you own, that’s a true reflection of your brand.

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Mompreneurs know all too well the art of stretching ourselves thin. My role is to help you use SEO to grow your online community, so you can stress less on marketing and spend more time doing what you love. Ready to shift the balance?

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