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Best Blogging Tools & Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

Searching online for resources will leave you with analysis paralysis over all the different options to choose from. Here are the best blogging tools & resources I use to make running my online business a little easier. 

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Note: This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend the products that I love!


Elementor Page Builder

Even with no web design experience, you can create the website of your dreams with this easy drag and drop WordPress page builder. I absolutely love designing my website and client sites on Elementor!

BigScoots Managed WordPress Hosting

BigScoots Managed WordPress hosting is top-notch. After years with an average website hosting experience, switching to BigScoots was 5000% worth the investment.

RankMath SEO Plugin

Rankmath is a popular SEO plugin for WordPress (and my favorite!). There’s a free version, but the Pro features are worth it for me, especially as an SEO pro. I can’t live without my monthly SEO analytics reports from RankMath!

BluChic WordPress Themes

These are my favorite WordPress themes for creative entrepreneurs! My website is the ChicServe theme, and there are many other feminine WordPress themes to choose from.

I love sharing high-quality image content on my site (I’m sure you do too!) but I don’t want to slow my site down in the process. Optimizing my images with Imagify ensures I don’t lose SEO performance from having nice images!

WP Rocket WordPress Caching Plugin

Website performance is essential for SEO. Using WP Rocket to cache my site files helps keep my speed (and SEO rankings!) at the top. If you feel like your website needs a tune-up, a caching plugin might do the trick!


Notion Productivity Workspace

As a work from home mom, it’s important to keep my tasks organized for myself & team. From my blog editorial calendar to tracking goals, I wouldn’t survive without Notion!

I ditched Dubsado for Honeybook in 2021 and haven’t looked back! The mobile app is perfect for me to manage my clients & contracts while on the go. Search “Honeybook” on the blog for resources on how to use it in your business! Get 50% off your subscription and a 7-day free trial using my link.

Novo Online Business Banking Solution

When I first started my business, I signed up for a bank account at a bing name bank – which meant tons of monthly charges (tears). Novo has no monthly fees or hidden charges – so you can focus on growing your business!

AppSumo Software Marketplace

Hide your wallet! AppSumo is the (highly addictive) software marketplace for entrepreneurs, with LIFETIME ACCESS to the best gadgets to keep your business running smoothly. Tons of the best SEO tools are featured here (my favorite – NeuronWriter!)

What’s more productive than scheduling emails or setting up an automation for your business that runs while you sleep?  I’ve tried my fair share of platforms, and MailerLite is what I love, and at an affordable price point!


Planning & scheduling content is the key for consistency. Thanks to Later I am able to schedule content for Instagram, and visually plan out my feed. Although for now, I’m using the 9-grid strategy and focusing on stories, I can still Later to plan those!

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