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If you ever struggle with creating consistent content for your blog, keep reading because I have compiled a list of 31 May blog post ideas for you to use!

The toughest part about blogging? Posting consistently! It can be so easy to focus on other aspects of your business and let your blog start to gather dust! 

(Trust me, I’ve been there…very recently).

The best thing about blogging? Each post can draw new people to your website and business for years to come. Online experts note the lifespan of a blog post is about 2.9 years.

How do you reconcile the two? How do you post consistently to get that solid organic traffic while still paying attention to the parts of your business that constantly need your attention? 

For me, the easiest way to make sure I update my blog regularly is to create a big list of quality content ideas I can pull from regularly! Sometimes the biggest obstacle for me when writing a new blog is coming up with a topic.

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31 May Blog Post ideas -

Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

If you’re new around here, I’m a big fan of search engine optimization (SEO).  Creating and posting consistent content should be a huge part of your SEO strategy. Giving fresh, new content to Google’s algorithm helps you rank higher in search engine results and pull in new visitors to your website.

Check out my list below with high-quality May content ideas, so you can start churning out more blog content and watch as your organic traffic and engagement go up! 

(My favorite tip? REPURPOSE YOUR CONTENT! Use your blog posts to guide your social media! Don’t do all the work of creating content for your blog AND your social media twice – repurpose your blog post ideas for May to create your May social media ideas! It’s a win-win!)

Now I will say that these content ideas themselves won’t explode your blog growth.. but what WILL help you exponentially grow your blog traffic in May 2023 is to actually commit to consistency with your blog. If you blog 31 times in one month with HIGH-QUALITY content that is optimized for SEO and satisfies your user’s search intent? Then of course your blog traffic will explode!

So, keep that caveat in mind as you think about how you can use content ideas to grow your blog.

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May Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

1. 9 Summertime Tips for Keeping Your Cool When You’re WFH With Kids

2. Great Places to Meet Up in [your area]

Quick tip: Using local SEO keywords in any of the posts geared towards your location will help you get website visitors from your area! Make the focus of this blog post how to meet up with other small business owners and tie in your offers and business in the call to action.

3. Hacks for Working Outside

4. 5 Gifts for Mother’s Day on a Budget [Customized to Your Niche]

5. How to Acknowledge Memorial Day as a Small Business Owner

Quick Tip: This one is great for all of the social media managers who may be working with clients and wondering what type of content would be appropriate.

6. The Women Who Made You

Quick Tip: Post this around Mother’s Day and be sure to include all the other female business owners who helped you along the way. They may not technically be your mom, but this is a nice way to show other women and mom entrepreneurs some love!

7. Mother’s Day Deals

Quick Tip: If you’re a small business owner, turn this May content idea into a promotional post for your business! Offer a Mother’s Day weekend promotion or discount.

8. 11 Reasons to Work Less in the Summer Months

Quick Tip: Any business and operations strategists out there? This is a great time to highlight the importance of systems so you can take a much-needed break from your business in the summer months.

9. Guest Post

Quick Tip: Tie this guest post with an event or holiday in May. For example, you could ask a female business owner with an event for Mother’s Day to write a post encouraging people to attend. You can even repurpose the blog for a May social media idea, too!

10. 7 Ways to Challenge Yourself this Summer

Quick Tip: What business goal feels out of reach? How could you get there this summer? Write a post detailing your process, and then do another check-in post at the end of the season.

11. Gifts Teachers Really Love

Quick Tip: Include a lot of links from other small businesses in your area. Could you ask any of them to cross-promote with you to get more website engagement?

12. How to Show a Nurse You Appreciate Them

Quick Tip: International Nurses Day is May 12, so you may want to plan to post this May content idea then! If you are a small business owner or service provider who has a niche in the medical field, this is the perfect way to talk about both.

13. Things NOT to Do When Planning Your Vacation as a Small Business Owner

14. 3 Summertime Drinks to Keep You Going on Hot Days

15. Easy Recipes for Using Your Summer Produce

Quick Tip: As a small business owner you know that having quick and easy meals makes life SO MUCH easier. Share some of your favorite quick meals here!

16. 4 Snacks to Help You Focus

Quick Tip: National Chocolate Chip Day is May 15. This blog post idea for May would work perfectly as a celebration of this day if you included a couple of snacks with chocolate chips in them.

17. How to Take Time Off From Your Business (Without the Guilt!)

Quick Tip: This is a great post for business coaches to lean in on some of the CEO mindset growth they needed to have in order to take time off in their business.

18. Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Summer

19. Where to Ride in [your area]: In Honor of National Bike Month

Quick Tip: Tie this back to your business by talking about places you ride your bicycle to in order to work (think: coffee shops, parks, etc.).

20. Highlight Your Family Members for Brothers and Sisters Day (May 2nd)

Quick Tip: Website visitors love learning more about you on a personal level. Use this blog post idea for May to share some more of your background with them.

21. 5 Books to Read This Summer 

22. 7 Things on My May Bucket List

23. 10 Moms In Business You Should Follow

24. How My Business Changes With the Seasons

25. Don’t Bring Your Laptop on Vacation – Here’s Why!

26. How to Vacation with Your Family Without Feeling Like You’re Abandoning Your Business

27. Structure Summer Fun into Your Business

Quick Tip: Use this May social media idea to talk about how you plan for fun summer activities without sacrificing your business.

28. 5 Summer Salads That Will Change Your Life

29. My Summer Work Routine

30. How to Protect Your Mental Health as a Small Business Owner

Quick Tip: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, making this an important and timely post to share!

31. Take Advantage of The Late Sunsets – Here’s How!

Quick Tip: Use this to share a summer time-blocking strategy that allows you to spend more time with your family in the evenings and still achieve your business goals

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Use These May Social Media Ideas

Keeping your blog updated consistently will help you tremendously with SEO and getting organic traffic. Don’t let writer’s block be the thing that keeps you from posting regularly!

Use these blog post ideas for May as a jump start for your blog this summer – and remember to send me a link if you use any of them. I’d love to see how you make it your own!

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