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In today’s world, it’s not enough for wedding professionals to simply have a website or social media presence. In a crowded marketplace, finding ways to stand out and connect with potential clients is essential. One powerful tool for doing this is by churning out content ideas for wedding professionals into amazing blog posts that are optimized for search engines!

By regularly creating blog posts that resonate with your target audience as a wedding industry professional, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and build trust with potential clients. To do this effectively, it’s important to create content that speaks directly to your target audience. Think about the types of questions and concerns that couples have when planning a wedding, and use your blog to address those issues.

In addition to building trust with your audience, blogging can help drive traffic to your website. When you create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience, you’re more likely to attract potential clients searching for information online. And, as a bonus, whatever content you create for your blog can be repurposed for your social media accounts! It’s the easiest way to work smarter, not harder!

So, what kind of wedding content ideas should you use for your blog? I’ve created a list of 49 content ideas for wedding professionals for you to use, adapt, and make your own. Use one topic from this list each week, and you’ll have almost a year’s worth of content (HINT: some of these content ideas can be turned into a series – giving you even more blog post ideas!). 

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49 Content Ideas for Wedding Professionals
Table Of Contents

49 Wedding Content Ideas

1. Day in the Life: Wedding Day Edition

This is an easy topic if you are just starting your wedding planner blog. The next time you are working on a wedding, open the Notes app on your phone and jot a sentence or two down each time you move to a new activity. Be sure to include all the little issues that pop up throughout the day, and when you write your blog, focus on how you solved all of them. This will help you look like a capable problem solver – a trait all wedding professionals should have!

2. Day in the Life: Non-Wedding Day Edition

What do you do on a day when you don’t have to attend a wedding? You probably do all sorts of wedding-related items like attend meetings with engaged couples, come up with wedding venue marketing ideas, or negotiate contracts with vendors. Document all of these things in your Notes app and then type out a timeline of your day for your blog post. Include a few tasks you completed that show website visitors how you go the extra mile for your couples.

3. Why You Need a Wedding Planner (Or Your Chosen Profession)

Create a list-style wedding planner blog entry for this topic. Choose seven to ten reasons why people need a wedding planner and make each list item a headline in your blog. Write a short paragraph under each one going into more detail. Having a lot of different headlines and short blocks of text will help your blog be more easily skimmable – something that plays a large role in engagement from website visitors. 

4. How a Wedding Planner Saves You Time

If you are going to blog about wedding ideas, some of them need to be persuasive. The goal of this blog is to convince engaged couples to hire you as their wedding planner. How do you save your couples time? How does that saved time help them in the long run? At the end of your blog, include a call to action that links them to your services or appointment page so they can set up a meeting with you. 

5. Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health While Planning a Wedding

This blog will be helpful to couples everywhere! Create a list of your best tips for protecting mental health during the engagement period, but don’t forget the most important tip of all: to hire YOU! Remember, when you are writing your wedding ideas blog that the main purpose of it is to get you new clients. Don’t ever miss out on the chance to talk up your services!

6. 10 Things Your Wedding Professional Wants You to Know

Include a mixture of funny, serious, and heartfelt items on this list. Try to stay away from things that could upset a potential client or be really controversial.  For example, saying, “No one likes watching the father/daughter dance, so don’t do one!” might be true in your opinion, but will likely alienate a lot of potential couples. Give a few tips that will help their planning process, a few tips that will help them on the day of, and a few tips that will help them navigate tricky personal situations.

As a wedding planner blog, you probably know all of the top trends for this year already! Create a list and describe each one in this post. Even though you likely won’t need to do any research for this blog, it will help your blog’s ranking with search engines if you include a few links to articles describing some of the trends you mention. Integrate the links naturally into your copy and ensure they are high-quality websites with good information. 

8. Why You Should Never __________ Before/On Your Wedding Day

What is something you see a lot as a wedding professional that you know never works out? Is it a fight you see couples have all the time? Is it a trend that never really works well? In this blog post, describe what it is that you believe couples should never do and then tell them why. Include a link to set up an appointment with you as the call to action for this blog. Plus, opinionated topics like this always get people sharing!

Do a little research into older wedding trends and use them as a wedding ideas blog post! It would be fun to include photos of the trends from past years next to photos from more recent weddings (think: older trends that have been updated or wedding trends with a twist). Make sure you link the photos to their sources if you don’t own them. 

10. The 5 Most Important Things You Should Have on Your Wedding Day

It would be easy to make this a wedding venue marketing idea – think about what all your engaged couples have needed with them on their wedding day for specific venues. Make one section a list of things they need for an outdoor wedding and one section a list of things they need for a hotel ballroom wedding (or another indoor venue). Include links to comparable wedding venues in your area and use a lot of local SEO keywords to be sure you attract engaged couples in your area looking for a wedding professional.

11. Best Gifts for Attendants in 2023

This is a topic most engaged couples will be interested in. Format this as a list, with each item’s headline and a description underneath. Be sure to include links to purchase (and don’t forget to disclose if they are affiliate links!), prices, and a photo if you have one. If you have seen any of your chosen gifts given during a wedding you were working at, mention that, too!

12. How Much Should You Budget for Your Wedding?

This wedding content idea will appeal to engaged couples all over, not just those in your geographic area. When you create your SEO keywords for this blog post, keep that in mind. Utilize links to budgeting tools that couples can use and inject some of your experiences in the wedding industry into your copy. In this wedding ideas blog, you can also discuss what you think a couple should splurge on and what you think they can DIY.

13. How to Know if Your Dress is “The One”

Make each headline in this blog post a question. For example, How does the dress make you feel? Can you picture your wedding photos in this dress? Does this dress match the look of your venue or dream cake? Underneath each headline, talk about why the answer to each question will help them to decide on a dress. 

14. My Honeymoon Planning Advice

If you have any affiliate links with travel companies, this is a great place to use them! Asking a connection in the travel industry to guest post on this wedding planner blog is an easy way to get further promotion and engagement (because the guest poster will also promote your blog). Offer to write a guest post on their blog if they have one – or agree to promote their services on your social media account if they don’t.

15. Client Testimonial – Wedding Day Behind the Scenes

Client testimonials can sometimes sell your services better than you can! My tip? When you ask for a client testimonial, don’t just say something vague like, “Please send me a testimonial!” You will get better feedback if you ask them to answer specific questions and discuss certain areas of your work. The more detailed a testimonial is, the more people will trust it. Get into the habit of asking for a detailed testimonial after each wedding you work on, and soon you will have a large number of them to pull for these types of blog posts! 

16. How I Stay Organized

When you are blogging for wedding professionals, you need to be prepared to show the behind-the-scenes of your business. Engaged couples may click around your website after reading one blog entry or looking at your services page. Use this blog post to discuss your organizational skills when it comes to wedding services. Not only will this highlight how you are able to keep things in order, but it will also show that you are a professional who excels at the business side of wedding services. 

49 Content Ideas for Wedding Professionals

17. What Makes a Good Bride (or Groom!)

Make this a fun, lighthearted blog post that highlights all the things you love about brides or grooms. Don’t turn it into a list of things you hate! This will alienate website visitors and make them wary of hiring you. 

18. My Must-Have Wedding Day Essentials

Format this as a list-style blog that includes lots of photos and links (be sure to disclose if you are using affiliate links!). To make this blog post easily skimmable, you may want to create a template to use for each item. For example, instead of writing a paragraph of copy about each one, use the headline as the item name, then include the photo with the link and price below it. Then fill out your answers to these prompts: Why it’s necessary, How I’ve seen it help on wedding days: etc, etc. Make it simple and easy to scan through to get the most engagement. 

19. My Must-Have Digital Tools as a Wedding Professional

This post can be written as if you are blogging for wedding vendors rather than engaged couples. Discuss each digital tool you love and why while making sure to include all the ways it helps you in your wedding services business. While it might seem strange to write a blog not centered around engaged couples, having some posts geared toward the wedding business will help establish you as an authority in the industry. This will help to build trust between you and couples looking to hire you!

20. Best Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips

There are so many blogs with advice on how to make something budget-friendly. What could you offer advice on that would set you apart? Is there something in your niche of wedding services that many people don’t talk about or know about? Try to think of a creative angle that will let you discuss this topic without repeating everything that has already been said. 

21. My Favorite Wedding Traditions

This wedding blog idea can be more personal to you. Make sure you write in the first person and highlight why you love each wedding tradition. If you have photos to use throughout the blog – even better! Your call to action at the end should ask engaged couples to contact you to discuss how they can integrate their favorite wedding traditions into their celebrations. 

22. How to Thank Your Wedding Professional

If you have any affiliate links that would work well for this wedding content idea, be sure to include them in your copy (don’t forget to disclose that you make a commission if website visitors use them). List 5 – 10 ways engaged couples can thank a wedding professional. It’s smart to include a range of budgets (think: 2 or 3 items for a smaller budget, 2 or 3 for a medium budget, and 2 or 3 luxury budget items) so that you appeal to a larger group of engaged couples.

23. What Season Should You Get Married 

You could easily turn this into a four-part blog series, focusing each blog on the pros and cons of getting married during each season. If you don’t want to create a series and would rather just do one blog entry, that’s totally fine, too! Be sure to break up the larger blocks of text with text features (like bulleted lists), images, headlines, and links. 

24. 5 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Seen as a Wedding Professional

It can be tempting while blogging for wedding vendors to write about all the horror stories you have seen as a wedding professional. I caution you against doing that! Remember, you want website visitors to ultimately hire you, and they may be less inclined to do so if they feel like you are judging past couples. Focus your mistakes on fairly general things and that each couple can fix before the big day. For example, saying “hiring a DJ instead of a band” is not something all couples can change, and it could make them feel bad. Instead, say something like “not having music that means something during the first dances” so the couples can really think about that aspect of their reception. 

25. 7 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day

As a wedding professional, you have a unique perspective here. What have you seen in the past that has helped your couples have a fantastic wedding day? Compile those in a list-style blog. Use your call to action to encourage couples to contact you for a smooth, worry-free wedding day!

26. 5 Things to Do the Week Before Your Wedding

This blog post will position you as an expert in your industry. It isn’t likely that you will gain new clients from this wedding blog idea since the people who read it are looking for information to help them fairly close to their wedding date, BUT it will help all the potential clients who are browsing your blog to see that you have a lot of insider information and tips. These blog posts are helpful to have on your website because they help convince potential clients that you know what you are doing and that you can help them throughout the entire engagement and wedding timeline.

27. 10 Reception Ideas

This is a very broad topic, and you could take it in many different directions. If you want to discuss where they should have their reception, turn it into a wedding venue marketing idea (see if you can do some cross-promotion with some venues in your area!) or make the blog focused on the pros and cons of having an indoor or outdoor reception. This blog could also be focused on reception trends, reception traditions, or budget-friendly reception ideas. 

28. How You Can Work with Me in (Season) 2023

It’s always a good idea to explain your services to website visitors. Yes, you likely already have a Services page, but putting the information in a blog post is also smart. If you have a new offering, you would like to promote, this is a great way to do it! Your call to action should link people back to your Services page or your calendar so they can set up an appointment with you.

29. My Favorite (Season) Wedding

This is a chance for you to highlight some of the weddings you have worked on as a wedding professional. Include a lot of photos and behind-the-scenes information. Be sure to discuss all the ways you helped make the day go smoothly and any issues you managed to resolve in the heat of the moment. Yes, this blog post is a way for you to show some of the beautiful weddings you have been involved with, but it is also a way for you to show engaged couples that you are capable, smart, and willing to go the extra mile for them on their big day.

30. What to DIY for Your Wedding (and What NOT to!)

This wedding content idea is where your expertise in the industry gets to shine. Include four or five instances of DIY wedding content that you have encountered that worked really well and just a couple of things you have seen that didn’t. When you write about the things that didn’t work well as DIY, try to give a few tips for how you would have adjusted them to make them work (for example: if you have seen fake flowers fall apart, talk about the types of fake flowers that work best for bouquets). 

31. Wedding Planning 101

Engaged couples will likely be looking for this information at the start of their wedding planning journey, so focus your copy and keywords accordingly. You may want to use local keywords so that engaged couples in your area will see your blog and contact you for an appointment. List all the major things you think couples need to do to begin wedding planning and link to things like budget calculators, wedding trends articles (you can even link to your own blog posts!), and popular registry websites. 

32. Hiring a Wedding [Profession] 101

This is your chance to sell yourself. First, discuss what it is you do as a wedding professional. Talk about your history in the industry and how you got started, plus how long you have been in business. Then, write about why it is important for all engaged couples to hire your particular profession. Give tips on how to know if you are hiring the right person for you, and make your call to action a link to your calendar so that they can easily set up an appointment with you. 

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33. How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding

An easy way to create this blog post would be to outsource a lot of the copy! Ask fellow wedding professionals what their biggest tip is for getting the most out of a wedding, and then include their photo, their advice, and a link to their website. Ask some of your previously engaged couples to answer the question as well and sprinkle those throughout the blog post (and if you have written a blog featuring their wedding, be sure to link to it!). In the end, add your own answer and advice. 

34. Behind the Scenes of a Wedding

This wedding planner blog should highlight all the work and little “extras” you do throughout a wedding day that people may not realize. Show website visitors that you take your job seriously and that you devote your day to making sure each wedding goes smoothly. This will help engaged couples see you as someone who cares about them and wants to make their day special. 

Are there local flower vendors you work with frequently? Give them a shout-out in this wedding ideas blog and ask them to promote it on their social media account. Come up with a list of five floral trends you have seen and put them together in a list-style blog post for this topic. Make sure you include photos of each trend (and link to where you found the images!).

36. Should You Opt for a Destination Wedding?

Discuss the pros and cons of destination weddings here. If you have worked with any couples who opted to have a destination wedding, you can use your experience with them to showcase your familiarity with that type of ceremony. Don’t forget to link to your Services page if you offer a package specifically for destination weddings!

37. 5 Things to Do to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

What are the different ways you have seen engaged couples welcome their guests? You could discuss anything in this blog post: hotel care packages, reception favors, place cards, late-night food, or even how to set the tone for the reception or ceremony. Create a list-style blog for all this information and if you’re discussing products couples can buy, link to websites where they can purchase the items you mention. 

38. 3 Questions I am Always Asked as a [Wedding Profession]

This is a chance for you to answer some frequently asked questions about you and your industry. Think in general terms, but be specific with your answers. Link to your Services page as much as you can, and write in a friendly, conversational tone. 

39. Why I Stopped _________ as a Wedding Professional

You know how when you are preparing for an interview, everyone always tells you to turn your weaknesses into strengths? This is the same idea! What’s something you used to do as a wedding professional but just didn’t work? Discuss how you have changed your approach and improved your business and your ability to get things done for engaged couples. 

40. 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Working with [Wedding Profession]

Sell yourself here! What do you do that’s incredible? How have you saved the day? What do you love about your job? Incorporate your answers to those questions into this wedding ideas blog. Make sure you have a strong call to action that makes potential clients click on your calendar link to schedule an appointment with you. 

41. Creative Ways to Include Family in Your Wedding

Think outside the box with this wedding content idea. Are there any creative ways you have seen engaged couples include their families in their ceremony or reception? Speak from experience and write about what made each instance so special. Encourage website visitors to think about the special talents, skills, and relationships their family brings to the table and help them to incorporate those things into their wedding day. 

42. What is a [Your Wedding Profession]?

When you start blogging for wedding vendors, you need to be specific with your content. What is it that you do? How do you make weddings special? Why does each engaged couple need to hire you? Write about all of those things, but also be sure to include personal details about yourself so that website visitors will feel connected to you. How did you get started as a wedding professional? How long have you been in the industry? What do you love most about being a wedding professional?

43. Your Ideal Wedding Timeline

Create a few different timelines for engaged couples to browse through for this wedding content idea. Begin with a shorter timeline (think: less than three months), and then move to a standard timeline (9 months to one year), and then a longer timeline (over one year). Discuss the things that each couple will want to take care of first and the things that can wait. If you can, include links to budget calculators or vendors in your area. 

44. Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to [Your Area of Expertise]

Think of something you do for engaged couples that would be easy to recreate for a blog post. Mention in the blog copy when you do this and why it’s helpful to couples. Include photos of the step-by-step tutorial, and try not to have any large blocks of text. Make it easy for website visitors to see all your instructions and recreate what you have in your blog post.

45. My Favorite Stores to Shop for Attendant Gifts

This is a great place to use affiliate links or links to local shops that you love. If you are going to write about local shops, you need to have some local keywords throughout your copy. It is a good idea to have shops that offer options for any type of budget so that you appeal to as many engaged couples as you can. 

46. How I Got Started in the Wedding Industry

This wedding blog idea is more personal in nature, which will help potential clients feel connected with you. Engaged couples want to know that the people helping them on their wedding day are people they like, know, and trust – blog posts like this one, where you reveal a little of your personal life and history, help to do that. 

47. 6 Ways to Prevent [Common Problem You See as a Wedding Professional]

Every engaged couple wants to avoid any potential pitfalls on their wedding day! Think of one issue you see frequently (or one that is easily preventable) and discuss it in the body of this blog post. If possible, give alternative solutions and budget-friendly ideas. Your call to action should be persuasive in nature – you want couples to contact you so you can solve their problems for them!

48. My Favorite Wedding Organization Tips

You could either focus this on how you like to organize things for your business OR how you like to organize things for couples on their wedding day. You could even create a series centered around wedding organization tips. These tips would also be easy to repurpose for your social media accounts! Be creative and showcase what a professional you are both with your couples and behind the scenes in your own business.

49. How to Use HoneyBook in Your Wedding Business

HoneyBook is a great customer relationship management (CRM) platform for independent business owners. As a wedding professional, you can use HoneyBook to streamline your process of booking clients, signing contracts, and accepting payments for your services. Does this Use my link to get 35% off your first year of HoneyBook!

Get Started Blogging for Wedding Vendors

Blogging is a powerful tool for wedding professionals looking to establish themselves as experts in their field and connect with potential clients. By using high-quality wedding content ideas in your blog that speak directly to your target audience, you can build trust, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately grow your business (provided you optimize your content for search engines like Google!)

Remember to regularly publish content that is relevant, informative, and engaging. By doing this, you’ll establish yourself as a valuable resource for engaged couples and build a loyal following over time.

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