Why Blogging Is The Best Way To Build Your Chiropractic Practice

As healthcare evolves and becomes more digital, having an online presence is increasingly important for chiropractors looking to stay competitive and build their practice. With so many people searching for health professionals and solutions to their aches and pains online, blogging is an effective and efficient way for chiropractors to market themselves.

Keep reading, and you’ll discover why blogging should be included as part of your chiropractor content marketing strategy!

Using Your Blog to Build Credibility and Trust

The one thing patients are looking for in a chiropractor? Trust!

Your patients want to know they can trust you to care for them and provide quality healthcare. In addition, your patients also want to trust that you know what you’re doing and that you’re staying as up-to-date as possible with trends in chiropractic medicine. 

A chiropractor blog is the easiest way to build trust and credibility with your future patients. Your chiropractor blog posts can show potential patients that you are knowledgeable about current best practices and care enough about the larger community to make your thoughts public on your blog.

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Regularly publishing high-quality, informative content on your chiropractor blog can help you establish yourself as an authority in the field. Yes, I’m serious! Showing a commitment to your blog will showcase your practice’s expertise and capabilities. Keeping your blog updated shows potential patients that you are still in practice, that you care about current treatments, and that you are knowledgeable. 

Not only does your chiropractor blog help you gain the trust of potential patients, but it also helps you to maintain and build trust with your current patients. If your current patients have a question or chiropractic issue, they will know they can hop over to your blog and read what you have to say. It’s another way for them to feel connected to you when they are not in your office. 

Your chiropractor blog posts should be focused on valuable content that helps current, and future patients improve their health – this will help you to build credibility and trust. 

Why Search Engine Optimization Should Be in Your Content Marketing Strategy

So, say you’re working hard to publish posts on your chiropractor blog, but you don’t see any results. No new clicks, no new patient inquiries, and no real change in your Google analytics numbers. Well, it’s probably because you haven’t been utilizing SEO in your content marketing. 

What is SEO, and why the heck does it matter? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is your way of telling Google what your chiropractor blog posts are all about. You do this by inserting keywords naturally into your text, and then Google will do the rest! Your blog posts will begin ranking when people search for your keywords, and that’s how you will get organic traffic to your website. 

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Regularly publishing relevant and keyword-rich content on your blog can help to improve your website’s search engine ratings. And the higher you rank in search engines, the more people will see and click on your links! You can attract FREE organic traffic if you include a well-optimized blog focusing on local SEO in your content marketing for chiropractors. This will increase the visibility of your practice in local search results. 

Confused about what I mean when I say “local” SEO? This just means including keywords for your city and state on your chiropractor blog so that when someone searches “your city” + “chiropractor,” your website is one of the first to appear in the rankings list. Two other things that really help with local SEO are making sure you and your practice are listed in local directories and creating a Google My Business listing. These things don’t take much time or effort, but they yield big results, so put them at the top of your to-do list!

One of the biggest parts of content marketing for chiropractors is integrating SEO best practices, including local SEO. This doesn’t mean just randomly placing keywords throughout your blog posts (that’s called keyword stuffing – and it’s a bad idea!). It means really integrating your chosen keywords – especially the local SEO keywords – into your content. This will help ensure you and your practice get maximum visibility and reach when potential patients do a local search for chiropractors. 

How to Use Your Chiropractor Blog to Generate Leads and Attract New Patients

I know what you’re thinking. Mikayla, how exactly am I going to bring new business to my practice by consistently publishing chiropractor blog posts?

Glad you asked! 

Each blog post should end with a strong call to action and a way to contact you. Remember, a call to action is something that makes your website visitor want to act immediately (like “call today to schedule your free consultation” or “if this is a problem you are having, contact me so I can help you manage it,” etc.). The call to action spurs them to take action and contact you. That’s why you must make it easy for them to do it from the blog page. You can do this by putting a “Contact Me” form at the bottom of each blog or by inserting a “Contact Me” button at the bottom of the page that takes them to a form. 

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential patients to get in touch with you, so do everything you can to set up your chiropractor blog and website to include multiple ways to contact you. Again, this can be a contact page, a contact button, or even an opt-in form if you have a mailing list. A website visitor may not be ready to seek you out for treatment yet, but if you nurture them as a potential lead by getting them to sign up for your email list, you may hear from them!

A chiropractor blog post doesn’t have to be about new treatment ideas or current science. Some of the best chiropractor blog ideas revolve around patient success stories, transformations, and testimonials. All of those posts can help attract new patients who may be facing similar struggles.

Chiropractor Blog Post Ideas to Engage Current Patients

Free download - get these 101 content ideas for chiropractors sent straight to your inbox in a PDF eBook

If your mind is drawing a complete blank about chiropractor blog post ideas, check out my post on 101 Content Ideas for Chiropractors.  The content marketing for chiropractors should be fun and interesting…and should showcase you as a provider! 

Look through the 101 content ideas I have in my blog and see if they will work for you and your practice. I’m sure that with a few minor tweaks, you could make over half of them work for your chiropractor blog! (And if you plan on posting one blog per week, that’s over an entire year’s worth of content!)

A big advantage to blogging is keeping current patients engaged and informed about your practice. Did you hire someone new? Do a profile! Are you adjusting how you handle some office procedures? Put it in a blog post! Is there something your practice is celebrating? Memorialize it on the blog!

Some other chiropractor blog ideas could be sharing information about new treatments, discussing new services your practice will offer, explaining new techniques, or giving information on upcoming events and holidays.

A blog doesn’t have to be stuffy or purely informative. It should be engaging and fun and allow you to showcase your personality as a practitioner while still positioning you as an expert in your field. Create a variety of different types of blog posts that show all these things. 

Utilize Your Chiropractor Blog for Both New and Existing Patients

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that starting and maintaining a chiropractor blog is a good idea for you, your practice, and your patients! Blogging can be a solid strategy for building a chiropractic practice – especially if you focus on naturally using local SEO keywords in all your posts.

Once you get your blog up and running, make sure you don’t forget about it! Keeping your blog posts current and updated is just as important as using strong keywords. Regularly publishing high-quality, informative content will allow you to build credibility and trust, improve SEO, generate leads, attract patients, and keep current patients engaged. 

If writer’s block is getting in the way of you starting your blog and you need chiropractor blog ideas, be sure to download my free PDF eBook of 101 blog and social media content ideas for chiropractors!

I can’t wait to see the content you create!

Free download - get these 101 content ideas for chiropractors sent straight to your inbox in a PDF eBook

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