How to Write a Services Page That Converts: Tips and Techniques

Are you stuck wondering how to present your services on a website? Or maybe you’re wondering if your current services page is even converting.

As a small-business owner, I know the importance of having a well-written services page for converting website visitors into customers! Let’s face it, without a strong services page, no one is going to hire you! You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if your services page doesn’t contain the necessary services descriptions, pricing information, and results that your audience is looking for, you aren’t going to sign any new clients. That’s the power of service page copywriting! 

In this blog post, I’m sharing my tips for service page copywriting, what you need to include on a services page, and how to handle your service page design. Read on for all my tips and techniques for creating a services page that converts!

What Should Be Included on a Services Page?

Your services page needs to be crystal clear to your potential customers about what services you provide. You DON’T want your audience to exit this page with questions about how you can help them!

Your services page content should include detailed descriptions of each service you provide. Don’t forget to include any features (for example, something they might get at no cost when purchasing). Most importantly, make sure you highlight the benefits they will receive when they purchase each service. 

Remember, your service isn’t what sells. It’s the transformation you are providing to your clients as a result of this service. By writing a service description highlighting the benefits and transformation, your audience gets a full picture of what’s included in your offer and the lifestyle they will have as a result of working with you.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a conversion copywriter? Visiting a sales page or services page that doesn’t include any pricing!

In addition to writing a compelling service description, don’t forget to list the price of your service. Small business owners are worried that including the pricing of their services on their website makes them look greedy or could scare potential customers away. It’s actually the opposite! Many people will not make the extra effort of contacting you to find your prices – they will just find another provider. Don’t lose out on customers because you don’t have your prices listed on your services page. 

Finally, your services page should end with a strong call to action that encourages visitors to contact you for more information or to schedule a service. Make it easy for website visitors to get a hold of you and book your services. Don’t make them search all over your website for your contact page – include an easy way for them to contact you right at the end of your service descriptions!

Guide: How to Write A Services Description for a Landing Page

When using your landing page as a services page, you need to use writing that will effectively convert visitors into paying customers. Service page copywriting should use specific language that describes the services offered. This is not the time for metaphors and flowery language! Your services landing page needs to be clear to everyone who visits it that this is where potential customers go to learn about your services and purchase them.

You also want to ensure your landing page highlights each service’s benefits to your audience. The fact that they are on your landing page means they have already clicked through one of your links. Don’t lose that engagement now! 

Having a landing page with specific details about what your services include and how your services have made a (positive!) difference for your previous clients will help you make a sale. 

Including information from previous customers, like a testimonial, example, or case study, can help illustrate your service’s effectiveness. Compelling examples on your landing page will help convert your services page visitors to paying customers.

The language you use on a landing page must be strong and persuasive. This may be your only opportunity to convert your website visitor to a client! Your language should encourage visitors to act by contacting you, booking a discovery call, or making a purchase.

My Top Tips for Writing Compelling Service Descriptions

Service page copywriting should use clear and concise language. Your potential customers don’t want to wonder what it is you are talking about – make it easy for them to understand everything you are offering!

When you are trying to decide how to present services on a website, focus on the benefits of the service to the customer. What are they getting as a result of purchasing from you? Is there something you offer that no one else does? Is there something you include in your services that sets you apart? Make sure you clearly lay those details out.

What are the specific details involved in your offered services? This is not the time to leave out an aspect of your program or service. When potential customers scroll through services pages, they want to see a page with every single detail on it. They should not have to guess about what they are paying for or what services from you may look like. 

In addition to being clear, concise, and detailed in your services page content, it’s also a good idea to include examples or case studies. These examples or case studies will help to illustrate the results or transformation your service can provide. Seeing a testimonial from a past client can also help to alleviate any fears or doubts your potential customers might have about purchasing your services. 

Service Descriptions Examples from My Clients

Looking for more support as you write your service descriptions? Here are services description examples from my past clients you can read through!

Here is an example from my client who is a social media manager. Notice how the services pages include ways to get started working with her, and testimonials from her past clients!

Here is an example of a service page description from an accounting client. Notice how we highlight the benefits of working with her – maximizing tax deductions and credit opportunities for the next tax season. Who doesn’t want that?

How Should You Present Services on a Website?

Now that you know how to write compelling copy to convert your website traffic into sales, you need to focus on how to present your services on your website. When you work on your service page design, use visually appealing images to showcase your services. If you have any brand photography, this is a good place to use some of those photos! 

Some stock photo websites have really professional images that can be downloaded and used for free – and they generally have a range of styles, so it’s likely that something there will fit with your brand. My favorite free stock photo site is Unsplash. If you are looking for more diverse stock photography, check out Color Joy Stock. (Note – this is an affiliate link!) I use their images on my website and on social media! They even have stock videography for reels. 

Images aren’t the only thing you need when focusing on your service page design. Take the time to organize all your information clearly and logically. Bullet points and headings are essential when trying to accomplish this! It is much easier for a potential customer to skim through your entire services page if the text is broken up into smaller sections and bullet points. 

Finally, don’t forget your call to action. This is probably the most important part of your services page layout, so make sure yours stands out! Make it easy for potential clients to contact you and book your services or ask for more information. It is essential that this portion of your services page is easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use.

Mini-Guide to Writing Converting Copy for your Services Page

Earlier in this blog post, I told you all about using clear and concise language on your services page, but now I want to take that one step further. Are you wondering how to write service descriptions that convert? What’s the big secret? Well, if you want a service page that truly converts, you have to truly sell it. 

This means using persuasive language throughout your service descriptions and service page content. If you have ever been stuck when trying to figure out how to write a product or service description, you probably forgot to go back to the basics of persuasive writing! 

Grammarly suggests appealing directly to the reader and repeating your main points frequently throughout your writing. You can appeal to the reader by:

  • Mentioning their pain points
  • Asking rhetorical questions
  • Providing examples from past customers

Persuasive language can help you highlight the benefits of the services to your ideal client, and can also help you to answer some of the common questions or concerns you get in regards to your services. 

Focusing your service page copywriting on persuading potential clients to book your service may make writing easier for you. If you get stuck, just think about what you would say to a potential customer if they were sitting right in front of you. If you type that conversation out you’ll have an awesome and persuasive starting point for your services page!

Service Page Design 101

When you think about what should be on a service page, you need to think about your landing page layout. Choose a visually appealing design, including a color scheme, typography, and imagery that reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience. 

I shared a few feminine WordPress theme recommendations on my blog. Spoiler alert: I’ve used BluChic since 2020 and I am OBSESSED! (Yes, this is an affiliate link!) The theme comes with awesome templates for your service page design, and even add-ons for your sales page or sales funnel.

Your service page should follow the same basic color scheme and branding as the rest of your website and portfolio. Remember, you’re trying to sell your services to a potential customer, so the more professional and organized you look, the better! BluChic definitely helps my website look as professional as possible!

If web design isn’t your thing and you’re feeling lost, check out this article from Shutterstock highlighting the “10 Golden Rules for Beginners” when designing a website. My favorite tips are to avoid clutter and to keep type legible. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link and being taken to a website that’s full of too many design elements and small fonts! It’s hard for the brain to know where to look in that situation, so many people will just leave the website. Don’t let that be you! Make your services page layout simple, professional, and beautiful by creating a layout that is easy to navigate and looks good on all devices.

Tips for Your Services Page Layout

Here are my favorite tips for how to list services on a website.

  1. Use headings and subheadings to organize the content (like this!). This helps website visitors to skim through your page quickly!
  2. Use bullet points to highlight key points. Make the key points of your service page content stand out by setting them apart from the rest of your text!
  3. Use white space effectively to make the page look clean and uncluttered. Remember what I said above about service page design? Clean and uncluttered is the way to go!

Having a strong services page is essential for business websites. I hope this blog post has helped you figure out how to list services on a website, what should be on the services page of a website, service page design, and tips for service page copywriting. 

When you work on creating your services page, I hope you can put the tips and techniques from this blog post into practice. And if you would like to learn more about creating a website that converts visitors into clients, I encourage you to apply for my signature program: Convert through Copy Bootcamp!

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