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I started sending out my weekly newsletter in 2022, and it’s something that both my subscribers and I enjoy! I love getting emails like this, it puts a smile on my face! 

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About Me

By the way, I'm Mikayla! 👋🏾

I started my online business in 2019 to create a career where I am free to focus on my health and family. In my journey, I realized if I could a build high-converting website through transformational copy and SEO blogs, I would be able to work LESS while serving my audience MORE in ways that truly fill me up. I want all online entrepreneurs to have high-converting websites so they can focus more on what matters to them (and make life less about work). I created the Writer’s Block Newsletter to share weekly inspiration and tips to support creative entrepreneurs. Sometimes, it’s just about having the right resources and tools to get you out of your head and the ideas flowing. But, I wanted to do more and also not feel pressured if my newsletter didn’t go out on time (because let’s be real, life happens sometimes). And so, the Subscriber Hub was born! 

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