How To Conduct A Moneymaking Sales Copywriting Audit

It’s been a few weeks and that long-form sales page you carefully crafted is still sitting in your Google Docs.. waiting to be edited, uploaded, launched, promoted SOMEWHERE. But you’re nervous about it, thinking things like:

  • Is my sales page good enough?
  • Will it attract the type of clients I want?
  • Does my sales page include the right elements to be successful?
  • My sales page isn’t converting.. How can I make it better?

So you keep the sales page in your Google doc, collecting virtual dust, and postpone your launch yet again (leaving  money on the table – because no one is making $$ from a sales page that isn’t live).

If you’re in this situation, wondering whether your sales page is good enough to attract and convert your ideal clients into your signature offer, you may want to consider a sales copywriting audit. When I work with clients on a copywriting audit, I review the elements of your long-form sales page and provide feedback through Google Docs and Loom to improve your copy and conversions. Of course, I’m biased to you working with me on your copywriting audit. But, there are ways for you to audit your own copy so you can maximize your sales! Keep reading this blog post to learn how!

What is A Copywriting Audit?

In simple terms, a copywriting audit is a review of your marketing copy and assessing the effectiveness of your headline, subheadings, calls to action, and consistent brand voice. Overall, a copywriting audit is looking for areas of improvement so you can get more sales. When working with a copywriter for women entrepreneurs, you have an unbiased party who can provide an objective analysis of your long-form sales page or other marketing copy to find areas of improvement. When we spend so much time, energy (and sometimes tears) on our own sales pages, it can be difficult to be impartial about it. Don’t worry, though! With these tips you will be in good shape.

How do I know if my sales copy is good?

The process of a copywriting audit is to figure out if your sales copy is in fact, “good,” or a better way to put it, “primed for conversions.” When working with an experienced copywriter for entrepreneurs, you can expect them to review the key elements of your sales page, including:

  • Your headline, and not just whether or not you have a headline, but is your headline actually powerful enough to elicit some sort of emotional response, curiosity, interest so that they want to continue reading your sales page!
  • Your body copy, considering questions like how are you following up on your headlines promise? Are you addressing your audience’s pain points in your copy?)
  • Testimonials – Do you have any testimonials or social proof to share about your offer throughout your sales page, but especially near the CTA button? And Speaking of CTA..
  • Your call-to-action should be clear, easy to find/navigate to, and preferably in multiple places on your long-form sales page!

The anatomy of a successful sales page essentially includes these four components. And if your sales page is live but not converting how you expected, an audit of your long-form sales pitch will also consider the overall design of your landing page. The user experience, especially on mobile devices, has a big impact on your conversion rate. It’s possible your sales page is difficult to navigate on mobile, causing users to bounce off your site. 

You can think of your conversion rate as the percentage of website visitors that take the desired action on your sales page. So, if 10 people visit your sales page and 2 people booked a discovery call then your conversion rate is 2 / 10  x 100 or 20%

Can a Copy Audit Help You Get More Sales?

If you know what to look for, a copywriting audit can help you improve your conversion rate. When writing a long-form sales pitch for a signature offer, there’s certainly a lot of information to include, and information that is easy to miss. A big mistake many entrepreneurs make is focusing too much on WHAT their offer is rather than WHO is the perfect person for this offer, WHY their audience needs this offer in their life, and HOW their day-to-day will be transformed by being a part of this offer. So, by conducting a copywriting audit you can really see if your sales page copy is hinting at those audience pain points and emotions, or just a regurgitation of the different modules or features of your offer.

No shade to your offer, course modules, membership, whatever it may be! I am sure it is absolutely the perfect fit for your ideal client. But, there are tons of online courses and memberships out there, and those modules aren’t going to sell themselves. What’s going to sell is the fact that YOU created them, and YOU can make a difference for your ideal client. When thinking about your copywriting audit addressing those areas that may be missing from your sales page then yes – a copy audit can help you get more sales!

Benefits of Working with a Copywriter for an Audit of Your Long-Form Sales Page

Now, you may be thinking this whole “copywriting audit” thing is just a bunch of extra and not actually going to move your business forward. I am here to tell you that is… incorrect! 

A copywriting audit can make a big difference in selling your signature offer, especially if you feel like you are struggling with your messaging right now. So, if you are wondering if you are clearly identifying your target audience’s pain points in your marketing copy, a copywriting audit is a great way to ensure your long-form sales pitch is as clear as it can be. When you work with a copywriter on your audit, you have the unique opportunity to improve your long-form sales pitch, and learn some of the strategies of what makes a successful sales page in the first place! 

Here are a few addition benefits of conducting a copywriting audit for your small business:

Improve your conversion rate 

Hello!! This is probably the most obvious one. If your long-form sales page isn’t converting how you want, then a clear benefit of a copywriting audit is that you will identify areas of improvement that can have a direct impact on your conversion rate. Small changes can make a big difference!

Get an objective analysis on your marketing copy

We become so attached to our signature programs and the marketing materials we create for it, it can be difficult to look at your own work objectively – but that objective perspective is key if you want to really identify areas to improve your sales page. By working with a conversion copywriter for female businesses, you get an unbiased assessment of your long-form sales page, and expert feedback so you can make the changes needed to succeed.

Save Time and Money

You could easily make changes to your sales page based on what you think would improve your conversion rate, but without getting another perspective you won’t really know if your changes will make an impact. And that could be time-consuming and expensive, especially if the changes you make on your sales page don’t end up making a difference in your conversions. Working with an expert to conduct a cop[ywriting audit is the perfect balance, because you don’t invest thousands of dollars on a sales page, but you also aren’t investing a ton of time changing around your sales page without knowing what works. 

Boost Your Confidence

By choosing to work with a certified conversion copywriter, once you receive your audit feedback and make the necessary changes you’ll be confident knowing your sales page is as effective as it can be! That confidence is going to give you the push to launch your sales page and promote it to the world, so you can spend less time worrying about your sales copy and more time signing new clients!

Gain Valuable Insights for Long-Form Sales Pitches You Write in the Future

Arguably the best part of working with a professional copywriter on a sales copywriting audit is that you learn more about the best practices for creating sales pages that convert. These are valuable insights that you can apply to future launches and marketing copy, especially if your target audience for your signature offer is similar to your other services and programs.

How Can You Audit Copy for Your Small Business?

Whether you are trying to dust off that Google doc, or want to make some tweaks to a sales page that you are promoting, a self-copywriting audit is always a good idea! To get started, go through your copy and think of these questions as a checklist. That way, you’ll also have a good foundation when writing sales pages for your future offers!

Checklist for Auditing Your Long-Form Sales Page Copy

  • Is my messaging clear to my target audience?

Your signature offer isn’t for everyone – it’s for someone specific! Who is your ideal client? Your sales page should be writing directly to that person. If your messaging isn’t clear to your target audience, people won’t feel like your offer is the right fit for them.

  • Is my copy engaging?

You want to use words that entice your audience to read more, rather than dry copy that leaves them closing out of your sales page. Check out word banks from the MonsterInsights headline analyzer to see different power, emotional, and uncommon words that will have your audience itching to scroll more on your sales page.

  • Does my copy reflect my brand voice?

If you present yourself one way on social media, in email, or even in person (I know some people are still doing that), you want your website to reflect a similar brand voice. If your audience made a connection with you on Instagram, then you want to be sure they feel like they are communicating with that same person on your sales page.

  • Do I have testimonials to share?

Testimonials are key to establishing trust and credibility with your audience, which are important factors for getting someone to purchase from your sales page!Sprinkle the testimonials throughout your sales page, and especially near any CTA buttons. If you are just starting out and don’t have testimonials, that’s okay too.You’ll be able to update your sales page over time and add those when you have them! Even if you have personal results to share related to your offer that’s good to include too.

  • Do I have a strong call to action?

There’s no purpose in putting all this “umph” into a great sales page if you don’t have a strong call to action, or even worse, if you leave out the call to action entirely. So, what makes a strong call to action? You want to give your audience a clear next step in their buying journey, that they are excited to take action on. So, if they are purchasing your course on how to plan, a CTA of “Start meal planning today” is more engaging to act upon compared to “buy now.”

How can I perform a copywriting audit on my own?

Conducting a copywriting audit on your sales page can be an essential part of your growth strategy for your signature offer. If your sales page isn’t seeing the results you want, don’t feel bad about your offer. Like I mentioned, your offer is amazing and perfect for your ideal client! But, you need to have clear messaging so that your target audience knows that the offer is right for them, and is excited to purchase. You can perform your own copywriting audit using the checklist above and some of my personal tips as a copywriter for women entrepreneurs which I will share here!

1. Look at Your Headline

Does your headline use attention-grabbing words? Does it solicit emotion from your audience? Does it accurately reflect what’s inside your sales page? If not, consider making some revisions to make your headline more engaging. 

2. Assess Your Opening Paragraph

Your opening paragraph should follow up on your headline, and your audience should feel pulled in and compelled to keep changing. Check your website analytics and see how long people are hanging on your sales page. If it’s under 30 seconds, then they probably aren’t scrolling too far. Make some changes to your opening paragraph and see if your metrics change along with it! 

3. Evaluate Your Subheadings 

Long-form sales pages are, you guessed it, LONG. So, you want to make sure you are breaking up your pitch with subheadings that are clear, concise, and easy-to-read. They should give readers a good idea of what each section is about. And remember, they shouldn’t all be focused on WHAT your offer is about! Think of these subheadings as mini-headlines, or crumbs, that you want your readers to keep hooking on to as they scroll through your sales page.

4. Analyze Your Images 

Images are important, especially when you want to break up all of the text on your sales page. Do the images on your page support the text? Do they add anything of value? If not, consider removing them or replacing them with different images. One of my favorite ways to show off the “WHAT” of your offer is through images! You can create a cool mockup graphic with all of your modules, bonuses, and features of your offer. That way, rather than wasting precious words and space on your sales page, you are giving your audience an amazing visual picture of all that is included in your signature offer.

5. Check Your Spelling and Grammar 

It happens to the best of us.. But make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors on your page. Readers may be turned off by any mistakes they see, so it’s important to proofread carefully before publishing! Even if you catch a mistake in your long-form sales page after it’s live, that’s okay too. Just go back and fix it! 

6. Test Different Versions of Your Sales Page 

This is a more time consuming suggestion, but it can be well-worth it in terms of conversions! A/B testing, or “split testing” is creating two different versions of your sales page and testing them with your audience to see which one performs better. Then, analyze, optimize, and use the version of your sales page that got the best results! Create two different versions of your sales page and test them out with a small group of people to see which one performs better. Then, use the version that gets the best results! 

7. Get Feedback from Your Audience        

One of the best ways to figure out how to improve your sales page is by actually talking to your audience! Ask past clients, people you’ve engaged with in the DMs, and other leads for their honest feedback about your sales page. If you sent someone a link to your sales page and they didn’t purchase, ask them what is holding them back! Maybe there are questions on your sales page that your audience felt were left unanswered. Use feedback to make improvements where needed.

If you want to ensure that your sales page succeeds in attracting and converting clients into your signature offer, then performing a self-copywriting audit is the way to go. I hope these tips are helpful as you plan to review your marketing copy. But, there’s also instances where you may not have the time, energy, or resources to do so on your own. And that’s where reading the blog of a copywriter for women businesses comes in handy!

Can A Certified Conversion Copywriter Audit my Long-Form Sales Page?

If you’re serious about growing your business but equally don’t have the time to perform a detailed audit of your own marketing copy, then you may want to consider working with a certified conversion copywriter for your sales copywriting audit! A professional copywriter offers an unbiased perspective when reviewing your copy, with a primary interest in improving the conversion rates for your business.  

As online entrepreneurs, it’s important to stay on the lookout for opportunities to improve your marketing copy. After all, even the slightest changes to your copy can have a big impact on conversions. Something as simple as a word change, e.g. swapping out a dull word in a headline for something that sparks more power and emotion could make a huge difference in the connection you build through your marketing copy. And that connection is essential for sales!

I love providing copywriting for women businesses because we all connect, on some level, with a purpose, with a deep reason for starting our business. Whether it’s to spend time with family, to serve others, to make a difference, or build generational wealth – we all are women-owned businesses driven by a deeper sense of purpose! So, the copywriting audit is an easy win-win, because by supporting my business, you give me the opportunity to support yours! And there’s nothing better than that!

Should I audit my own copy or work with a conversion copywriter for entrepreneurs?

You know that having a strong long-form sales page is essential to your success as an online entrepreneur. After all, your sales page could mean the difference between closing a sale and losing a potential client’s interest entirely. You want your sales page to be as effective as possible, but you aren’t sure if you should audit your own copy or hire a professional. The answer really depends! It depends on your goals, your budget and your messaging.

If you go through this checklist and feel like you have clear messaging, a clear target audience, and clearly address your target audience’s pain points but your sales page still isn’t converting how you’d like, it may be time to work with a copywriter on your aduit.

But on the other hand, if you are someone who recently launched a sales page for your signature program, but you aren’t super clear onh ow it’s for, or how they will be impacted by your program – you may want to make a few tweaks to your sales page yourself using the tips for self-audits in this blog post.

Ultimately, it depends on what you want for your business, and I am happy to support you either way!

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