5 Most Important Pages for Your Coaching Website

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have a coaching business that you love. You market yourself purely on social media, and business is doing well! You have an engaged following, many of them who have turned into loyal clients. You may be thinking, “I don’t need a website! I’m killin’ it on social media, and a coaching website would be a lot of work for minuscule benefits.”

Here’s where I tell you that you’re wrong. 

Sorry, not sorry. A website is essential if you want to have a successful coaching business! You can’t rely on social media to keep you booked and busy. Social media sites can crash unexpectedly, and their algorithms change so often that sometimes it feels like a whole new platform (yes, talking about you Instagram). Conversely, a website is your corner of the internet and won’t crash out of the blue (provided you maintain it properly!). 

Your website is a place where potential clients can get in touch with you, learn more about your offers, and share content that builds trust in your coaching philosophy. A website can help attract clients and establish your credibility in your industry, especially when you have the five most important pages described in this blog post! 

If you have a coaching business and have put off creating a website, this is the blog post for you! 

Here are the 5 most important pages for your coaching website:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us Page
  3. Services Page
  4. Blog Page
  5. Contact Page

Read on to learn why you need these pages are essential for launching your coaching website!

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Home Page

The home page is on the top 5 most important pages on a website for coaches because it’s the first thing potential clients see! It also allows you to customize your user experience and direct your audience to where they should go next. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure that the home page of your coaching website represents you and your brand in the most positive way.

Your home page should tell visitors exactly what you do and what services you provide. Clarity is important here because if website visitors can’t tell what you do right away, they may click away from your website before you have had a chance to convert them into paying customers. 

Draw website visitors in from the first moment by doing the following things:

  • Use SEO to drive organic traffic to your homepage
  • Introduce yourself
  • Provide an overview of your business and what you offer
  • Use high-quality images that represent your brand
  • Use strong design principles (don’t forget that white space can be a powerful design component!)
  • Include cohesive branded elements throughout the home page

Need some examples? Scroll through these coaching websites to get a feel for effective design and copy:

  • Cortney McDermott – Her mission statement is the first thing you see when you open her website.
  • Marie Forleo – She uses video to create an engaging home page.
  • Mama Nation – Her branding and messaging are consistent.
  • The Nourish Center – The home page makes it clear what the process is for working with Shanon.

Your visuals and copy should introduce you and your coaching services. You can even break up the text by including social proof as testimonials from previous or current clients.

Ensure you use your website copy to tell all potential clients what sets you and your business apart.

If you’d like more design tips for your home page, check out my blog post 5 Essential Pages to Include on Your Small Business Website!

About Us Page

Your About Us page does more than just introduce you to website visitors. It is a way for you to establish credibility and build trust! 

The About Us (or About Me) page of your website is one of the 5 most important pages on a coaching website because it is where you can work to truly connect with your potential clients. Detail who you are and what led you to this unique career path.

People are naturally curious, and this is your opportunity to present yourself in a positive light and gain their trust.

Your About page should cover the following things:

  • Your background
  • Your qualifications
  • Your coaching philosophy

Write in a conversational, friendly tone and break up the text with images (a few high-quality brand photos will work well here!), bullet points, and other graphic elements. People are more likely to scroll through something if they can skim it quickly, and breaking up large blocks of text really helps with that.

Including a clear coaching philosophy is a must here! Remember, this may be the place where potential clients decide to hire you! Tell them exactly what you believe and why. 

(Want some more tips on writing your coaching philosophy? This article from Quenza has so many good ones!)

Services Page

Your coaching philosophy on your About page talks about why you believe the things you do. Your Services page is where you talk about HOW you accomplish the goals your philosophy mentions. 

Out of the 5 most important pages on a website for coaches, your Services page needs to be the most detailed and clear. You need to communicate what you offer as a coach so there is no confusion down the road once you start working with a client. 

Your Services page needs to highlight your:

  • Offerings
  • Pricing
  • Packages
  • Promotions

(And no – a Sales page and a Services page are not the same things! Check out my blog post on Sales Page Vs. Services Page: Which is better for your business? to learn more!)

Your Services page needs to detail what your clients will get if they purchase from you. Don’t forget to highlight any freebies or extras they might also receive! Your service descriptions shouldn’t just be a bulleted list of everything your clients will get – really talk about the benefits of each offer. Remember, you aren’t selling a physical product. You are selling a transformation. Highlight that for potential clients! 

Struggling to write a strong services page? Read my Tips and Techniques: How to Write a Services Page That Converts!

Contact Page

You can have the most visually appealing about page and a great life coaching blog updated with regular content, but it does you no good if website visitors have no way to contact you!

Your Contact page is the easiest way to get new clients! Make it a simple process and clear to navigate with a minimal branded design. If you use a CRM like HoneyBook, you can automate your contact form right on your website. HoneyBook will enter all the information from the contact page into a new project so none of your inquiries ever fall through the cracks! 

(If you’re interested in trying Honeybook, you can use my affiliate link to get 35% off your Honeybook Subscription.)

My number one tip for a stellar contact page? Make it user-friendly! This vastly improves the experience of all potential clients and will get you more conversions than a Contact page that is clunky and confusing. Read my 7 Easy Tips for a Standout Contact Page to learn more!

Blog Page

Blog content for health coaches can be beneficial for establishing your authority in the industry. Creating, maintaining, and updating your blog allows you to discuss the latest industry trends and your ideal client’s pain points. You also have the opportunity to highlight client transformations. 

Using SEO (search engine optimization) in your blog posts is a must. SEO helps drive organic traffic to your blog posts, which can get more eyes on your content and even land new clients! Blogs with an effective SEO strategy can end up on the first page of Google, so website visitors who click the link to read all your blog content for health coaches may decide to stay and contact you for a service! 

A blog helps you to provide value to your audience – but only if you work to maintain it! To have an effective Blog page, you need to:

  • Update it regularly with content optimized for search engines
  • Write in well-defined categories 
  • Include a search bar for navigation
  • Include calls to action in your blog posts for your audience to connect with you further

Blogging as a health coach is another way to discuss your services (and link to your Services page!). Focusing posts around a current issue in your industry and then including your offerings in your call to action will help you convert website visitors into paying clients.

5 Most Important Pages on a Website for Coaches

Creating a website for your coaching business can be a huge task – especially when you’re already busy with your current clients! But building a website, while not easy, will help your business stay strong, current, and independent of the whims of social media algorithms.

Including the 5 most important pages on a website for coaches discussed in this blog post will ensure you have everything you need to market yourself and your business. And if you already have a coaching website, perform a self-audit of it to ensure you are not leaving anything essential out. 

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