A website is essential for any business in today’s world, but they are indispensable for small business owners. A small business website should include all the information a potential client or customer might need to become a paying one! Knowing where to start when making a website for your small business can be challenging, so I recommend sticking to the basics if designing a website is something new for you. Keep reading to discover the five essential pages every small business owner should include on their website.

Why Your Small Business Website Needs a Homepage

#1 – Homepage

The homepage is most likely the first thing visitors see when they visit your site, so it’s essential to make a good impression. 

A good homepage always includes:

  • 🖥️ A brief overview of your business that grabs the attention of readers
  • 🖥️ What your business offers, and how it will solve your audience’s problem
  • 🖥️ Links to other pages on your website so they can learn more about your biz!

Simple navigation to the other pages on your site is vital for websites for business owners. Your homepage exists as a directory to other areas of your website, so it’s important to make it easy to navigate so your audience can find what they need! Be sure to include clear labeling for links and menus for easy navigation.

Wondering what you could do to make your homepage stand out above the rest? 

When designing websites and sales pages for my clients, I stick to these tips:

  • 🖥️ Use minimal design to keep your homepage from feeling cluttered (white space is your friend!)
  • 🖥️ Design using the visual hierarchy (Need more info on this? Visit this Wix article to learn more!).
  • 🖥️ Write easy-to-read content. Remember, most people skim the first time they visit a website! Also, make sure to write at a 6th-grade reading level (check out my blog post on free writing tools for help with this!).
  • 🖥️ Make the navigation intuitive and simple to use.
  • 🖥️ Design mobile-first. Let’s face it; most people look at websites from their phones these days! Be sure your homepage is mobile-friendly, and think “mobile-first” in your design strategy.

Once you have sorted out the homepage for your small business website, start piecing together the rest of your pages!

Small Business Website Essentials – About Page

#2 – About Us Page

The About Us (or About Me) page is your chance to tell visitors who you are and what you’re all about! It’s your chance to make a connection with them and a place for you to let them know why you believe in your small business. 

A strong About Us page should include a brief history of your business and information about you, your team, your mission, and your values. Write your story with clarity and purpose, so everyone who clicks on this page engages with you and your business.

On my about page for mikaylataylor.com, I share my wellness journey and how that led to me starting my business. I don’t discuss my background much (except on my about page), but I’m trained as a health educator. Wellness is truly my passion! Including that background on my about page has helped me connect with potential clients in the wellness niche. 

Along with solid writing showcasing your personality and your unique business, you should include at least one photo of you. This will help put a face to your company and connect potential customers or clients to you. 

(The Balance Careers has a great list of tips for creating a perfect About Me page if you still feel stumped!)

Websites for Business Owners – Products/Services Page

#3 – Products/Services Page

People who want to buy from you on your small business website need to know what you’re selling!

Include clear descriptions and/or images to showcase your products and services on this page. Consider using subcategories to help organize the information if you have several products or offers. 

When creating your sales page, make sure it’s easy for a potential customer to differentiate from your offers or products. Remember, the goal here is to turn a site visitor into a paying customer – make it a seamless process, and you will be rewarded!

A sales page can function as a services page for your website. I generally keep my services page short and to the point and create a long-form sales page for an offer to provide additional details. If you only have one signature offer, that’s even better! Learn the anatomy of a successful sales page on my blog! 

Are you struggling with your sales page copy? Lucky for you, this is my area of expertise. Check out my Signature Sales Toolkit offer, so I can help you create the sales page of your dreams!

Making A Small Business Website – Blog

#4 – Blog

A blog might not seem essential for websites for small business owners, but it’s actually a great way to keep visitors engaged with your website. It allows them to see more of your personality and passions while providing them with free content revolving around your areas of expertise. 

Are you feeling writer’s block? Normal – don’t panic!

Sign up for my freebie library and receive instant access to 101+ blog post ideas for service providers, influencers, coaches, and wellness pros! To hold you accountable for all those blog posts, you’ll receive my weekly Writer’s Block newsletter to keep you going!

Get into the habit of posting to your blog regularly so site visitors always have something new to read (plus, a regularly updated blog shows potential customers that your business is still thriving and ready to take on new clients!). A blog is also an excellent place to showcase coupon codes, affiliate links, or sales for your offers. 

Websites for Business Owners – Contact Page

#5 – Contact Page

Your audience needs an easily accessible way to contact you. You will miss out on SO many potential customers if they can’t figure out how to get in touch with you for a question! 

Your small business website needs to make navigation to the contact page clear on every page of your site. To make your page most effective, use your brand voice and offer multiple ways to contact you (like a contact form, adding your email address, or social media links). Additionally, make this page simple. Don’t lose potential customers because they get lost in heavy design or cluttered elements.

Small Business Website Essentials

Building a website for your small business can be intimidating, but it is necessary. I hope I have managed to break down the five essential pages you need on your small business website so that the task is less daunting for you!

I am currently not taking on any new web design clients, but feel free to contact me about a sales page, copywriting audit, or website audit! I would love to support you in creating a website you can be proud of and show off! For my DIY gals, check out my blog post on the best web tools for an easy DIY web design launch. 

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