The Truth about Blogging in 2023

It’s no secret we are living in a digital era. The internet has completely revolutionized the way we communicate, access information, and do business. Blogging is no exception! Blogs are an essential tool for businesses to build their brands, create meaningful connections with their customers, and promote their products and services.

But is blogging still relevant in 2023?

Even if it’s relevant, you might ask yourself how can I earn money from blogging? How do I even get started, and how do I get free traffic to my blog? Well, stop stressing because this post will answer all those questions – and more!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the state of blogging this year, what to expect for the future, and how to stay on top of the latest blogging trends.

Is Blogging Still Relevant in 2023?

With the rise of social media and social media marketing, people seem to have forgotten that blogging was once the only way small businesses used to connect with their customers! It may appear that because everyone you know is doing Reels and creating TikToks that blogging is a waste of your already precious time, but that’s just not true. In fact, would you believe that, according to TechJury, 77% of internet users read blogs? Yes, you read that correctly – 77%! That’s a huge number.

To put that in perspective, according to DemandSage, only 30.25% of internet users have TikTok accounts. So all those people you see only making short-form video content for social media platforms are missing out on a giant part of the population. 

And not to belabor the point, but the competition on social media can be intense. In fact, because of the rise of people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all social media platforms have seen an increase in users. Verdict warns about the increased competition for engagement that now exists on all platforms due to the number of accounts and active users.

Does that mean you should delete all your social media accounts? No, of course not! But you shouldn’t rely solely on your Instagram page traffic for your small business. 

A huge benefit of blogging, especially if you want to answer the question “How can I earn money from blogging?” is that you can utilize SEO (search engine optimization) to target your blogs towards certain audiences or services you provide you want to highlight. Hubspot says that “blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customer’s questions.” 

SEO helps your blog to rank higher in search engine results from Google. Statista reports that, as of December 2022, around 84% of all searches conducted on the internet were from Google. It is in your best interest to pay attention to the SEO on your blog and website so that Google recognizes your content and ranks you highly. 

Additionally, all content platforms have recently begun to rank higher quality content more positively, either through search engine rankings or social media algorithms. This means that blogs with naturally integrated keywords and quality information rank higher in search results than shorter blogs with random, non-researched keywords. 

What’s the difference between a website and a blog?

Simply put, a website is often a static page (or pages) that are updated annually or less frequently. Blogs, however, are consistently updated with fresh new content that is optimized for SEO to rank in Google search results. 

A website doesn’t often change, but a blog does. In fact, if you are wondering what a blog’s point is, it is to show your audience that you are an expert in your field. You do this by consistently updating your blog with new information targeted at your specific audience. 

When you have a blog up and running, you do need to put some protections in place to make sure that you avoid hackers and know how to check your blog traffic. 

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AI and Blogging

If you are interested in learning how to start a blogging business, you will probably see a lot about AI in your searches. AI writing assistants, like ChatGPT or Jasper, (note: the Jasper link is an affiliate link, so I may make a small commission if you purchase using it), use AI-powered software to help write content on any given topic. 

Want more info? Check out my blog post for information and reviews on some of the most popular AI tools.

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AI writing assistants can be incredibly useful – but maybe not in the way you are thinking! No, I wouldn’t recommend using an AI tool to create all your blog content because the tools aren’t perfect. They don’t perfectly replicate human writing, which can make the content feel inauthentic or stilted.

If you want to get paid for blogging, you need to get people to read your content and ultimately click on the links to purchase your products and services! 

The best way to do that is by learning search engine optimization to market your content. Make your content engaging, and focus on the quality of your writing.

Although AI can help write SEO-optimized titles or headlines, you need to be the one doing the keyword research and writing the strong, engaging blog posts that appeal to your audience. An AI tool can’t do that for you. 

AI is useful for blog brainstorming and outlining but shouldn’t be used to write full blog posts. My blog How to Write Blog Posts Faster explains how I use AI to get my blogs started. Google’s algorithm can detect whether the content is created heavily with AI, which can negatively impact SEO. So if your goal is to make money from your blog, it’s best to steer clear of content written completely by an AI tool!

Many people have been wondering if AI tools like ChatGPT will eventually replace Google, and my inclination is to say that is not a very likely possibility. Google is incredibly popular (remember above when I talked about how around 84% of ALL internet searches go through Google??). It will take a long time for the population to switch from something they know and love to AI technology, no matter how innovative it is. 

Is blogging still profitable?

Absolutely! Even with the meteoric rise of social media monetization, blogging is still a great way to make money for you and your small business. It’s easier than ever to answer the question of “how can I make money through blogging?”

There are many ways blogs can be monetized if you have thought, “how do I start a blogging business.” 

Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Here are some of the best ways you can make money from your blog:

Affiliate links or affiliate marketing

This is where you provide links to products or services and earn a commission from each click or product sold via your link. 

Promoting online products and services

If you sell products or services, use your blog to highlight them and link directly to where website visitors can purchase them!

Monetizing your high-traffic blog through an advertising network

You can essentially rent space on your blog to advertisers and they will pay you for the space and the number of clicks they get from your website. If you are interested in learning more about this, check out this article from Niche Pursuit

How can I earn money from writing blogs?

In the beginning, you will need to rely on affiliate links to make money from blogging. If you need to know how do I get free traffic to my blog, the answer is blog posts dedicated to the affiliate products and links you have. 

The more clicks you can get on your affiliate links or products, the more money you will make from your blog. 

If you love writing you can also pursue a career (or side hustle!) as a VA or copywriter. Then you can write blogs for other people. You are still making money from writing blogs. They just may not be on your website!

How to write a blog for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple. You just need to provide links to products in your blog posts. Each time someone clicks on the link or makes a purchase from your link, you get a little bit of commission. No, you can’t just randomly place affiliate links throughout all your blog posts! Your affiliate links need to be relevant to the content you are writing to impact your blog’s monetization. 

The biggest benefits of Affiliate Marketing are that it is cost-effective and doesn’t require any special skill set. In fact, Post Affiliate Pro says that if you are a strong persuasive writer who can get your website visitors to click on your links, Affiliate Marketing will work very well for you!

Since you will be writing blog posts centered around the products you promote, you need to ensure the product you choose works well within your niche or target audience. It makes no sense to write blog posts with affiliate links that seem random or out of place! Affiliate Marketing works best when it feels authentic and natural.

When writing your affiliate blog posts, focus on the quality of your information and your writing. Remember, the point of these blog posts is to persuade readers to click on the links you are providing!

When you use affiliate links, please follow all the legal requirements on your blog! The biggest thing you need to remember to disclose is that the link you provided is an affiliate link. 

My blog post can give you all the information you need on legal policies for Affiliate Marketing!

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How to Start a Blogging Business in 2023

Can blogs be considered a business?

Yes, blogs are businesses! On a blog, you share information, build community, and improve your writing skills. But you are also in this blogging game to make money as an online entrepreneur!

Can you get paid for blogging? Absolutely! Here are the steps you should take if you want to earn money from your blog:

  1. Choosing a Niche: The best blogs are specifically targeted towards an audience. Don’t make the mistake of writing a blog without a focus or a purpose – it will seem disjointed and won’t get many repeat visitors. 
  2. Building a Blog: Consistently updated blogs are the ones that get the most engagement. Make sure you update your blog on a consistent schedule! 
  3. Optimize for SEO for organic traffic: Just like I talked about earlier, SEO is the key to getting ranked in search engine results! It’s essential that you focus on this when writing your blog entries. 
  4. Using social media to market your blog: Your social media accounts are an easy way for you to get blog clicks and views. You already have an audience there that knows and trusts you!
  5. Create high-quality content: I can’t state this enough, your blogs need to be well-written and provide readers with interesting and helpful information. 

Still wondering what’s the point of a blog?

Look, blogging is absolutely still relevant in 2023. Yes, you can earn money through blogging! Yes, you can start a blogging business! 

If you’re ready to get started getting free traffic to your blog and want to expand your brand’s presence through a high-converting blog this year, apply for the Convert through Copy Bootcamp with me! 

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