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We all know that content is key in today’s digital marketing age. Curating engaging content on blogs and different social media platforms can be a game-changer, especially for businesses in the jewelry industry.

Use this blog post as a roadmap for captivating social media posts, unique blog post ideas, and creating overall content strategies that will enhance your jewelry business’s online visibility and customer engagement.

Digital Marketing Promotion for Jewelry Brands

As someone in the jewelry business, you know that a large portion of your customer base shops online. In fact, JCK recently reported 62% of people who bought jewelry in the last year did it through a website. If you want to sell jewelry, you need to be sure you are selling it where your customers are: online!

Having an online shop with photos and descriptions of all your pieces is not enough. You need to have a strong marketing strategy that:

  1. Gets customers to click on your website
  2. Makes you a recognizable brand
  3. Keeps you in the front of your customers’ minds 
  4. Pushes new, engaging content in many different ways

Without a marketing strategy, you’re going to hear crickets instead of the cha-ching! of payments going through. Marketing your business with social media content, blog posts, and email newsletters gets your business in front of the most eyes possible. 

Yes, creating content does take time. But it doesn’t have to be the timesuck you think it is! You can repurpose content from one area of your business for all your other accounts. For instance, a blog post can turn into a social media series or infographic. And that same blog post can be teased in your latest email newsletter (with a link to read!). Once you grasp the type of content your customers want to see, you can tailor all your marketing content strategically so you can convert clicks into sales.

Digital marketing is the standard of business now, according to Fruchtman, and if you aren’t being strategic about it, your business could be left behind. Digital marketing will help you grow your business, increase your brand recognition, and expand your customer base.

Interested in upping your content ideas for your jewelry business but not sure where to start? Keep reading for information on how to select the right platform and 33 unique content ideas to get your gears turning.

Selecting the Right Platform: Social Media, Blogs, and Email

There are so many ways you can promote your jewelry business online! But how do you know which way is right for you and your business? Should you start promoting all of them and just wait to see what works? 

I wouldn’t recommend going from 0 digital marketing avenues to 100. That would be a lot of work, and would probably offer a pretty steep learning curve. Each platform has pros and cons, and deciding which will work best for you is up to you. 

Social Media Platforms

PROS: They require shorter content, so it can feel easier to create short posts or videos. You can engage directly with followers or gain new followers by engaging on other accounts. Social media is really fun, and many people utilize it!

CONS: You don’t own your social media accounts or content. At any time, the platform can shut itself, or your account, down without giving you any explanation. The platform can change its algorithm, decreasing your content views significantly. It can be difficult to gain followers if you don’t go viral.


PROS: You can write posts with search engine optimization (SEO) that appeal to all your potential customers. You own your blog, so no one except you can shut it down. Your blog posts stay in search results as long as they are online, so any blog post you write (a strong SEO strategy backs that!) can get you clicks and customers for years and years.

CONS: Creating an SEO strategy and tracking whether or not it is working can be hard work! You can’t just write what you feel, cross your fingers, and hope for the best! Search engines will never find your blogs this way. You need to produce quality content on a consistent basis that relies heavily on your research into SEO and search queries made by your potential customers.

Email Newsletters

PROS: Your emails will only go to people who have signed up to receive them, so you know that your audience is always warm. You can send these as often (or not as often!) as you would like.

CONS: You won’t gain any new followers from this platform. Finding an email newsletter program that works for you can be tricky if you don’t have any experience with them (I love MailerLite).

Keeping your blog and social media accounts updated and full of engaging, quality content will get you more customers there and help you build your email list! Include a link or button to sign up in your social media link in bio, and at the end of all your blog posts. This is an easy way to grow your email list! Repurpose content with regular newsletters to your list to keep your audience warm.

Identifying the Right Content Ideas for Your Jewelry Business

Before you jump into creating content, you need to have a few things figured out first.

Most importantly, do you know who your ideal client is? Create a solid client profile and brainstorm about the types of content that a person would want to see. Work to tailor your content to your target audience in order to see the best results.

For example, an influencer in her 20s is going to be looking at very different content from a mom of four in her 40s. Are you selling mainly to men so that they can purchase jewelry for their partners? They will be searching very different queries on Google than college students who are looking for something fun and different. 

I know what you’re thinking: Mikayla, why do I have to narrow it down? Why can’t I just sell jewelry to everyone? 

And, look, you definitely can, but have you ever heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? Not having a consistent content strategy can actually hurt your business because potential customers won’t immediately recognize that you are the account they need. It will be confusing to them, and they are more likely to click away rather than make a purchase. 

Once you know who your audience is, what they are searching for, and how they want to see it (blog, social media, or email), you can start creating content that will appeal to them. 

11 Creative Instagram Content Ideas for Jewelry Social Media Marketing

1. Showcasing ‘Behind the Scenes’

Audiences love to take a peek behind the curtain! It’s up to you how much of your business you want to show here: you could focus on a “day in the life” or what goes into processing an order. You could also show followers what your workspace looks like or what a shopping trip to get jewelry from a dealer looks like!

2. Sharing Jewelry Care Tips

It’s always good to offer educational content on your social media accounts. You could turn this into a monthly series where you offer tips for different stones, metals, or types of jewelry.

3. Hosting Contests and Giveaways

A great social media idea for jewelry is offering a contest or giveaway for your followers. You can encourage them to tag friends or repost your contest in their stories in order to up your engagement and reach a new audience.

4. Highlighting Customer Testimonials

Whenever you work with a satisfied customer, make it a habit to reach out and ask for a testimonial. Don’t be nervous – people are generally happy to give them! A testimonial gives you a lot of social capital and shows others that you are a capable, trustworthy businessperson. I find it really helpful to have a testimonial template ready to email to all my clients. That way I am certain that I am getting a testimonial I can use, rather than just something generic.

5. Revealing New Collections or Pieces

Hype your followers up for your new product reveals! You can tease them in your stories for a few days before and include a countdown link for them to click on. You can also repurpose this idea for your newsletter by telling followers that one collection is being revealed to your newsletter subscribers before your other followers.

6. Posting ‘How It’s Made’ Videos

If you don’t make your own jewelry, reach out to one of your suppliers and schedule a time to come in and take photos or video footage. Take more than you think you will use! This way, you can utilize all the extra bits in other posts.

7. Creating Themed Posts (e.g., birthstone of the month)

Creating social media content can be tough, so I suggest having a few posts in your rotation that function as a series. This way, you only need to come up with the initial idea once and can build off of it every other time. A theme post is a great way to promote your jewelry business. You could focus on birthstones, holidays, workpieces, or travel pieces, the ideas are really endless! 

8. Highlighting Jewelry in Outfit Ideas

Wear your product, and be sure to take photos or videos. Show your followers the different ways you like to mix your pieces and make them shine. Don’t forget to include links to purchase each piece!

9. Collaborating with Influencers

Influencers can really help you get more engagement. Find someone who matches your brand’s style and reach out to see if they would be willing to do a collaboration or partnered post. I suggest signing a contract no matter the agreement to protect yourself and your business.

10. Sharing User-Generated Content

Spend 10-15 minutes daily on social media re-sharing your customers’ posted content. This social media marketing strategy doesn’t require a lot of brainpower from you but will keep your brand in front of your followers’ eyes. Provide other details on each post if you would like, like a link to purchase or information on the piece(s).

11. Providing Educational Content (e.g., difference between gemstones)

Show your followers that you are an expert in your field by giving them information about your jewelry. This will help you develop trust with them because they will see you as an authority. 

11 Magnetic Email Content Ideas for Jewelry Newsletters

1. Introducing New Collections

Marketing your jewelry to your email newsletter should be fun! Everyone who is receiving your emails is there because they want to be! So celebrate the fun parts of your business with them by debuting new collections early or offering sneak peeks to collections launching at a later date. They’ll stay subscribed because they like the exclusive content.

2. Sending Personalized Birthday Offers

Some email services make this easier than others. If you are interested in pursuing this, make sure your servicer can handle this task.

3. Sharing Gift Guides (e.g. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day)

Many jewelry retailers focus on holiday gift guides, so make yours special. What unique pieces do you want to share with your email list? Can you offer them a discount for mentioning the newsletter gift guide?

4. Offering VIP or Loyalty Club Specials

The first part of building an email list is getting people to subscribe. The second part is keeping them there! Offering VIP specials is one marketing idea that will keep them subscribed. They won’t want to miss out on the exclusive deals!

5. Giving Holiday Discounts

Think of small discounts you can give your subscribers that won’t hurt your bottom line too much but will encourage them to make purchases around major holidays. Think about other non-traditional holidays as well; you can give them a discount for your “business birthday” or your personal birthday.

6. Providing Styling Tips

Include many jewelry images in this email newsletter so your customers can see how you would style different jewelry pieces. You could even make this a regular section in your newsletter if you wanted!

7. Sending ‘Thank You’ Notes to Regular Customers

If a customer is devoted to your jewelry business, you want to make sure they stay that way! Create a system that allows you to track customers that shop from you regularly and once a week (or month), sit down and send each of them a quick note just saying thanks. They will appreciate it!

8. Sharing the Brand Story or Artisan Highlights

This business idea will help your subscribers see the human side of your business. You aren’t just about jewelry – you are also an entrepreneur and a person! Share your story with them and help them connect to you on a human level.

9. Hosting an Exclusive Sale for Subscribers

Tease this sale on your social media accounts in order to gain more subscribers. Use your email marketing to promote the sale once it starts.

10. Promoting Upcoming Events or Pop-up Stores

If you are doing any special events, be sure to include them in your newsletter. Loyal customers will want to come out and see you and your product! You can even ask them to post about the event in their stories for a discount at the event.

11. Asking for Customer Reviews or Feedback

Testimonials are so helpful to small businesses. Create a template you can send to customers asking for feedback regularly. Keep all feedback you receive in a folder and then use them in blog posts or as an Instagram content idea.

11 Blog Post Content Ideas for Jewelry Business

1. How To’ Guides (e.g., How to Clean Your Jewelry)

Create a series with this blog post idea where you focus on different metals or stones in each post. Be sure to include a lot of photos or short videos so readers can see how you clean your pieces. Use strong keywords for SEO so that your blogs show up first when people search “how to clean….”. 

What do you think is going to be the next big trend in jewelry? Use your knowledge of the field to give your expert opinion here. If you can, link to jewelry pieces you have in your collection for purchase that will fit in with the upcoming trend.

3. Gift Guides for Various Occasions

Spend some time thinking about why certain pieces are perfect for certain holidays or individuals. When website visitors read this blog, they want to feel like this is a highly curated list that serves their interests. If you want, you can reach out to other businesses you know, link to their products, and request that they link to yours! (Or you can just ask them to promote the gift guide on their social media accounts.)

4. The Story Behind Your Brand

Give a detailed look at why you started your jewelry business, what your core values are, and what you love most about it. Let your readers see the human side of your business! They will be more likely to want to stay connected to you if they know more of your story.

5. Interviews with Jewelry Designers or Artisans

Partner with a designer or artisan and write an interview-style blog on their process, their business, and their products. Interview-style blog posts are easy to write because they are just a transcription of your conversation (Otter AI can do this for you), so they come together quickly. Make sure you’re utilizing strong SEO keywords for your introduction and conclusion! Ask the designer to link to your blog or promote it to their followers to get even more engagement.

6. Posts About Specific Jewelry Materials (e.g., gold vs silver, 18K vs 14K, gemstones)

People always ask Google to help them choose between options one and two. Create a series of blog posts that answer the questions you get asked all the time. For example: Is gold or silver better? Why? What do you recommend? Link to some of your favorite pieces available for purchase in each metal. 

7. The Process of Jewelry Making

Once you have written this blog post, repurpose the content into a short video for your social media accounts. Use a post on Instagram (or another social media platform) to encourage your followers to go to your blog for a more in-depth look. 

8. In-Depth Look at a Specific Piece of Jewelry

All jewelry has a story. Use this blog post to tell the story of one of your favorite pieces. Sharing the details of a piece of jewelry can be a great marketing tool for your business; readers will be able to tell that you really care about your products and will be more likely to shop from your store. 

9. Importance of Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry

Did you know that including links to reputable websites can help you rank higher with search engines? Since this blog post will be more informational and educational, it is the perfect place to link to articles discussing sustainable jewelry. Highlight your favorite businesses participating in ethical jewelry and include links to purchase from your own shop as well. 

10. The History and Significance of Certain Jewelry Pieces (e.g. the signet ring)

This blog post would benefit from having links to other reputable websites throughout it. Make sure your tone is conversational and that you break up large paragraphs with text features or images (this will help your content be more easily skimmable). You can focus on pieces you own, pieces you have for sale, or a famous piece of jewelry in a museum or private collection for this blog. 

11. Roundups of Favorite Pieces from Your Collection

The beauty of this content creation idea is that you can write a new one whenever you have a large amount of stock or a new collection. It’s a great blog post idea to keep in your back pocket whenever you aren’t feeling inspired by anything else!

Short on time? Save these jewelry business content ideas for later on Pinterest!

Making the Most out of your Jewelry Content

The best way to get eyes on your content (and your jewelry!) is by having a strong SEO strategy. Lucky for you, I’m a SEO strategist for women entrepreneurs, and I know exactly how to get you started. 

First, research keywords. Keywords are the answers to search queries in search engines like Google. If you know what people are searching for, you can tailor your content to answer their questions. I like using MOZ, UberSuggest, and KeySearch with my clients.

Once you have your list of keywords, implement them in blog and social media posts. This will ensure that when Google crawls through all the data on your website, your blog will be the first one to pop up. You aren’t going to see results with SEO immediately as you would with a viral Reel, but Google will send people to your website for years and years (as long as your blog is on your website!), getting you customers for a long, long time.

In addition to working with SEO, you can also create a social media strategy and content calendar, ensuring that you post on a schedule and hit all of your content pillars on a consistent basis. This will enable you to portray a consistent message to your followers. You can also look into leveraging influencer marketing campaigns and partnerships. I recommend that you reach out to other accounts directly via their DMs with clear terms for each partnership or campaign. I also recommend getting a contract signed by both you and the influencer you are working with to ensure that you have recourse in case all does not go as planned. 

Tracking the Success of Your Content Ideas

You can track the success of your hard work in many ways. If you’re working with SEO on your blog, I suggest going into your Google Analytics dashboard once a month to see if your keywords are working. If they aren’t, it’s time to rethink your strategy!

Want more information on how to manage your SEO? Check out my blog post How to Monitor Your Website’s SEO Using RankMath.

You can also look at your social media engagement numbers, like number of new followers and engagement on well-performing posts. HINT: If a post is doing really well, then that’s what your audience wants to see! Make more similar to that and see what happens! 

When looking at your email newsletter, look to see the open percentage and the percentage of people who clicked a link in your email. Campaign Monitor says the percentage to shoot for in terms of an email open rate is between 17-28%, while a good click-through rate is between 2-5%.

I love looking at website metrics because it helps me see what’s working and gives me a chance to make tweaks and improve my conversions. Make sure you evaluate your website’s progress with any significant marketing campaign.

Get Ready to Grow Your Jewelry Business

Your jewelry business needs to be online, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle for you. If you know who you are selling to, what they want to see, and how to get it to them, it’s much easier than you think! 

Use my list of 33 unique content ideas for your jewelry business to get things started. These content ideas can be a guide for you, and I hope you come back to them many times. I encourage you to experiment with these ideas and track your progress so that you understand which content types and topics resonate most with your audience.

Don’t forget to track your progress and make adjustments for your jewelry business’s needs. Every business is different, and your content should reflect your brand, your values, and your products. Consistency and quality are key to building a strong online presence and growing your jewelry business!