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How Do I Promote My Doula Business?

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Are you a doula wanting to attract new clients and generate organic traffic to your business without spending tons of money on ads or dancing in the next social media trend?

You’re in the right place!

I love Instagram as much as the next girl, but sometimes, standing out can be tricky.

Plus, I’m a mom, so I don’t always have the time (or energy) to be “camera-ready,” so I love blogging to promote my online business!

And the great thing is, creating blog content optimized for search engines is an excellent, FREE way to promote your doula business and businesses of any niche!

As a doula serving women for some of their most sensitive and vulnerable moments, it’s essential that your content shares value while also showcasing your expertise and personality. 

In this blog post, I’ll share 25+ content ideas for you to use to promote your doula business across your website and social media channels!

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Using SEO Content to Grow Your Doula Business

I love search engine optimization – as a small business owner, I can truly let my personality and creativity shine!

After all, some moms-to-be may be searching for a faith-based doula. Another mom may be searching for a holistic doula and herbalist. Moms need doula support for postpartum support and, sadly, grief support. 

Your content allows you to meet your audience where they are and create content that satisfies what they were looking for (something called search intent!). 

With SEO, you are working smarter – not chasing the social media hustle just for the app to glitch and you lose progress. 

When you consistently publish to your blog, you have an entire bank of content waiting to be purposed into social media posts for your doula business.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy allows you to serve your audience and share your thoughts.

SEO content is a great way to boost your search engine visibility, but it isn’t the only determining factor of your Google rankings.

Your website’s user experience is equally as important as your content. If your website is challenging to navigate and has a poor mobile experience, fewer people will want to spend time on your website, and search engines will take notice. You are sending your rankings down the drain!

Learn more about how to optimize your technical SEO in these blog posts:

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25+ Doula Content Ideas for Your Blog & Social Media

1. How to Choose the Right Doula in [City, State] for Your Birthing Journey

Using local keywords is excellent for boosting your search visibility in your area. There may be specific hospitals, birthing centers, or laws in your area that expectant parents should know. Share tips for choosing a good-fit doula based on their religious background, life experiences, and preferences.

2. What to Expect During a Home Birth: A Comprehensive Guide

Home births have become very popular since the pandemic. But, not everyone may be familiar with how a home birth works and what role a doula will play in this process. Provide an overview of home birth for expectant parents considering this option. 

3. Hospital birth, home birth, or birthing center: Which is right for you?

Expand on your home birth blog post by comparing birth experiences at hospitals and birthing centers. Some parents may prioritize access to medical interventions, while others desire a cozy home atmosphere – or a balance between the two! Provide detailed tips in this blog post to help expectant parents make an informed choice.  

4. Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula for New Parents

Becoming a parent is a huge life milestone and can be stressful, especially for first-time moms and dads. The postpartum period can bring about many unexpected changes in the home, and it’s great to have a support person helping with that transition. Share the benefits of hiring a postpartum doula (where you promote your doula business, of course!) to demonstrate the value you offer.

5. How to Create a Calm and Relaxing Birth Environment

Share your affiliate links in this blog post with some of the top items you’ve used at past births to create a relaxing and empowering birth environment for your clients. Fairy lights, LED candles, and aromatherapy spray are all great options to include in this blog.

6. How to Prepare Older Children for Birth: Sibling Doula Support 

Adding a new child to the family is a big transition for parents AND siblings! As a sibling doula, share your best tips for preparing older children for the arrival of their younger brother or sister. To expand your research, you can repurpose these tips into a carousel post on social media. 

7. The Role of a Doula in Supporting Partners During Labor

Doulas provide support to both the birthing parent and non-birthing parent! Doula services are excellent for educating the non-birthing partner on being supportive during labor. Share your experience with supporting partners during childbirth in this blog post and how you’ve seen partners help moms through this experience.

8. Holistic Approaches to Pain Management in Labor: Non-Pharmacological Options

Many expectant moms desire a holistic approach to pain management without medical intervention. As a holistic doula, you can promote your business by sharing how you’ve helped clients manage their labor pain without an epidural.

9. How Doulas Offer Breastfeeding Support for New and Postpartum Moms

Breastfeeding can be challenging for many moms, and it’s often made more difficult without the proper support. Many doulas are lactation counselors and consultants who can provide much-needed support for nursing mothers. Share your knowledge in this blog post about how doulas can help with latching, positioning, and other common breastfeeding challenges. 

10. Empowering Birth Stories: Real-Life Experiences from Doula-Assisted Births

Storytelling is a powerful tool in your content, and there’s nothing like real birth stories from your clients to help inspire expectant parents. Share past birth stories from families you’ve supported to show off the positive impact doulas have on the birth experience. 

11. Preparing for Birth in [City, State]: Local Resources and Support for Expectant Parents

This is another great post to include local keywords to boost rankings for parents searching in your area. Highlight specific resources in your community. Is there an awesome prenatal yoga studio? Or childbirth education classes that would be helpful for your audience? Don’t forget to repurpose this content for your social media!

12. Doula Support & Guidance to Prepare for a Cesarean Birth

Although many moms may desire a vaginal birth, cesarean births are a reality for many expectant parents. In this blog post. Share how doulas support families with both planned and unplanned cesareans.

13. Benefits and Considerations of Water Birth for Expectant Parents

Water births have grown in popularity as a gentle and soothing birthing option. However, there are a lot of considerations expectant parents should know before deciding on this option. Share the benefits of water birth in this blog post, including any client water birth stories you have to share.

14. Queer-inclusive doula care: Supporting LGBTQ families during pregnancy and birth

It’s crucial that doula care is inclusive and supportive of all families. Use this blog post to highlight the importance of ways doulas can support LGBTQ+ families during pregnancy and birth. From using inclusive language to ensuring a safe space, doulas can offer affirming support for queer parents. 

15. Capturing baby’s first life moments with birth photography and doula care

Are you a doula with a passion for photography? Complement your doula care with birth photography services for new parents! Capture the special moments and emotions of the birthing process and baby’s first breath to create lasting memories for your clients. 

16. Supporting VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Moms: Doula Guidance and Resources

As a doula, supporting women on their journey towards a VBAC can be a transformative experience. Use this blog post to provide guidance, address fears, and offer evidence-based information to support moms who may be preparing for a VBAC.

17. Navigating your preconception journey with a Fertility Doula

The path to conception is an exciting and overwhelming journey for couples. As a fertility doula, the content you share on your blog and social media can offer comprehensive support to couples who are interested in feeling empowered and informed as they navigate the journey to parenthood. Share tips on fertility awareness, holistic health approaches, and emotional well-being while trying for a baby. Also share resources on when medical intervention may be needed for couples who may be experiencing infertility.

18. Comfort Measures for Labor: Techniques and Tools Every Expectant Parent Should Know

Labor can be intense and challenging, but it can also be a transformative and empowering experience with the right comfort measures. Use this blog post to share techniques and tools for pain management, relaxation, positioning, and emotional support that expectant parents can utilize during labor. Repurpose this content on social media by sharing a video demonstration of some of these positions. 

19. Creating a birth plan for a positive hospital birth experience

For expectant parents planning a hospital birth, having a well-thought-out birth plan can help ensure their preferences and wishes are respected. As a doula, guide them through creating a comprehensive birth plan that aligns with their values and desires. Discussing options, interventions, and communication strategies can empower them to advocate for their birth preferences and have a positive hospital birth experience.

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20. A Doula’s Role in Supporting Mental Health During Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy and the postpartum period can bring a range of emotions and mental health challenges for women. As a doula, emphasize the importance of mental well-being and offer support to expectant and new mothers. In this blog post, share coping strategies, mental health resources, and of course a plug for your postpartum doula support services!

21. Building An Empowering Birth Team: Role of Doulas, Midwives, Obstetricians, and Nurses

When it comes to delivering a baby, there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen! You can use this blog post as an opportunity to highlight the importance of building a supportive birth team. Discuss the unique contributions of each member and how their combined efforts create a holistic and empowering approach to childbirth.

22. A Doula’s Guide to Postpartum Recovery for Healing and Bonding with your Baby

The postpartum period is a critical time for new mothers, both physically and emotionally. Share all of your best tips in this comprehensive guide for postpartum recovery. Emphasize self-care, practical tips and strategies to help new mothers confidently navigate this transformative phase. 

23. Preparing for Birth in [City, State]: Local Resources and Support for Expectant Parents

Use this blog post as an additional opportunity to share a list of childbirth education classes, prenatal yoga studios, support groups, and other relevant services in the area. This guide will empower expectant parents to make informed choices and connect with the local birthing community.

24. Events, Workshops, and Networking Opportunities for Doulas in [City, State]

Another opportunity for local SEO keywords! In this blog post, curate a list of upcoming events, training programs, and networking meet-ups for doulas in your community. 

25. A Doula’s Perspective on Prenatal Yoga to Strengthen Your Mind and Body for Birth

Prenatal yoga offers physical and mental benefits to new mothers. As a doula, use this blog post to share your perspective on how prenatal yoga can be a powerful tool to prepare for childbirth.

26. Pregnancy Myth-Busting: Do these really help me go into labor?

Curb walking, eggplant parmesan, spicy foods, sex, pineapples… Clear up common misconceptions surrounding natural methods to induce labor! In your blog post, be sure to share more about your experience or client experiences with any of these methods (and what will really help you go into labor!)

27.  Bereavement Doula: Supporting families after loss

Unfortunately, some parents have to endure the unimaginable of losing a pregnancy, stillbirth, or infant loss. Grief and bereavement doulas provide compassionate support to these families, and your blog post can share how your services provide emotional support and guidance during this difficult journey.

28. How a doula can support you with hyperemesis gravidarum

I struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum during my pregnancy, and it was a lonely and isolating journey (especially during the pandemic). Use this blog post to offer insights on how doulas can provide emotional support, coping strategies, and techniques to help alleviate this condition’s physical and mental burden.

29. Time to push: Finding Birthing Positions That Work Best for You

In this blog post, you can highlight the importance of finding birthing positions that work best for each individual. Discuss different birthing positions, their benefits, and how doulas can assist expectant parents during labor for comfort and progress.

30. Benefits of Doula Support During the Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester is filled with massive changes and often overlooked transitions. In this blog post, share everything from emotional support, breastfeeding assistance, and practical help for new parents navigating this early postpartum period.

31. Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for an Empowered Birth Experience

Mindfulness and meditation can be the key to having an empowered and positive birth experience. Use this doula blog content idea to share your best techniques, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices to educate expectant parents.

32. 50+ Songs to Put on Your Birthing Playlist

Music is excellent for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation, setting the stage for a great birth environment. In this list-style blog post, share a diverse playlist of uplifting and soothing songs for expectant parents to enjoy.

Save these blog posts ideas on Pinterest!

Use these 30+ blog ideas for doulas & birth workers

These doula content ideas help you explore new ways to share who you are and what your brand is about while providing helpful information to prospective clients.

Your website is a place to show off your expertise; these blog post ideas will help you do that!

Don’t forget to repurpose your blog posts into unique social media content for doulas. After all, we aren’t doing all this blogging for nothing. We might as well get more than one use out of it!

And most importantly, ensure every blog post is optimized for search engines with a great keyword research strategy. Use SEO to promote your doula business on Google, get more clicks, and find dream clients (100% organically and for free!)

As an SEO strategist and blogging coach for women entrepreneurs (and a mom who’s been through the whirlwind of an HG pregnancy, postpartum, and 21 months of breastfeeding) – I want to help you use your website to achieve your business goals!

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