Are you ready for 2021? Wellness content trends to know this yearNEW YEAR, NEW CONTENT TRENDS.

Welcome to the New Year! In the fitness & wellness industry, this time is filled with clients setting new wellness goals, and ready to get on top of their health (and of course toxic diet culture but I’m not here to talk about that…today). Although these New Year’s Resolutions may stay the same year to year, content trends are shifting. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 changed many industries, including fitness, health, and wellness. Keep reading to learn more about how the pandemic continues to impact industry content trends in 2021.


I hate to break it to you, but if your business is not online at this point, or does not offer some virtual/online component, it will be hard to maintain an audience. We are still living in a pandemic, and many individuals are not yet comfortable returning to normal fitness routines, whether it’s in-person with a trainer, a group fitness class, or in the gym. Online sales grew by over 30% between the first two quarters of 2020. 

Your audience is online, and you need to make sure you are online with them so your message is heard, resonates, and converts to paying clients! Census data shows that consumers are continuing to buy online through the pandemic. And, research analysts report 40% of consumers significantly increased online spending due to the pandemic. Not convinced to be online yet? These analysts also report 51% of individuals wanting to focus on health and exercise during these times. Now, you see how an online approach is a perfect match for your business.



Developing online fitness content doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are a few necessities to keep up with this year’s content trends:

  • A website as the online hub for your wellness business
  • A blog to update your clients on relevant tips, tricks, and trends
  • A landing page including an online lead magnet to warm prospective clients to your program
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) to connect with your ideal clients
  • Online customer relationship management (CRM) tool (MindBody, Trainerize, CoachAccountable)

On all of these platforms, your audience needs a clear and consistent online message from your brand. You want to tell your unique story, your special programs, and why YOU are the best fit for their needs in 2021. Words are important, especially when trying to keep up with the content trends of 2021! 

2021 Wellness Content Trends For Health Coaches


The benefit of today’s digital market is that we are able to connect, grow, and develop relationships virtually with individuals all over the world. As wellness professionals, we aren’t all the same. We have our own specialties, niches, and respective journeys that brought us to be passionate about health, wellness, and fitness. Even with our differences, it’s more than likely that someone out there is like you! Finding your community online is crucial to developing trendy content that will resonate with your audience, and finding the ideal client that will match with you. Whether it’s based on your passions, your habits, your hobbies – community adds a sense of connection to your brand, and there’s no need to limit yourself to just one! 

Here are a few personal examples of my online communities:

  • Plant-based community
  • Invisible/chronic illness
  • Mental health
  • Black women & wellness

Community-based content is helpful for building your audience and nurturing relationships. Plus, new app trends like ClubHouse really thrive on this community-centered concept for audio chats and networking. And of course, Facebook groups, the original platform for developing engaging communities. Within your own community, you are able to dive deeper into your audience’s pain points and needs so you can get really specific on your marketing and related offers. Not to mention, the amazing virtual connections you’ll walk away with. 

So, if finding your online community isn’t on your to-do list for 2021, make sure to add it now! Use hashtags, research competitors, and keep up with some of the larger fitness & wellness brands to start searching for your community.


They say actions speak louder than words. Well, I say your customer’s words speak louder than yours! For 2021 content trends, allow your customer reviews and testimonials to do the talking. There are so many ways you can pitch a new program, but the best way is certainly to use a member or graduate of the program themselves. Reviews and testimonials are crucial to demonstrating value to your prospective clients. For warm leads, these testimonials are an important part of their decision-making process when deciding whether or not to purchase your product or service.

You don’t need to set up a formal survey to collect testimonials. Ask your clients to shoot you a quick text or DM about how they find your sessions valuable, or their favorite part about working with you. For someone that isn’t shy in front of cameras, request for them to send you a 10-second clip describing their experience. As a great fitness coach with great clients, I’m sure you’ll get amazing results from this! 

Once you’ve received a few of those lovely testimonials, create a landing page to house all of your customer’s kind words and feedback. This gives potential clients a one-stop-shop to refer back to, and creates a big impact when they are able to scroll through the page and read about the successes of your clients!

2021 Online Wellness Content Trends


So we’ve already established that your business and brand needs an online presence, ASAP. And, we talked about social media platforms being a great way to do that. It’s 2021 and everyone is on social media these days, so let’s make sure you are staying on top of the content trends that will get you engagement on all platforms. 

In 2021, it really is all about balancing your content between static photos & captions, and video content. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we watched the rise of short videos through TikTok, and then continue with the rollout of Instagram Reels. These quick, short-form videos are super engaging, and here to stay!

I know, I know. I’m the first one that is a little cringy about creating extra video content, especially since I am not always “camera-ready” if you will. But, there are ways to create engaging videos without jumping in on the next dance video trend, or pointing at different words in the air!

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Using the “green screen” feature or screen recordings to demonstrate an app tutorial (of your website, or CRM tool for example)
  • Or, flip your camera around and give your tutorial that way (for example, showing your refrigerator or kitchen counter for meal prep tips)
  • Make a video of “a day in your life”! Share your morning routine, office space, or projects you are working on.

Health Coaches 2021 Online Wellness Content Trends


I hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare your 2021 content. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live, work, play, and do business. As we continue adjusting to this new normal, the online presence for your brand should be the bare minimum. Finding and building your community online and nurturing those relationships with your audience will help you convert leads into paying clients. In today’s challenging world, people want a coach they can connect with, and relate to. Sharing your authentic self online, and using your existing client testimonials to demonstrate the value of your products and services will go a lot further than a Facebook ad! Challenge yourself each week to develop one new piece of content outside of your comfort zone, whether it be going live on Facebook or Instagram, or creating a new reel showing off your latest tips. Whatever it is you try this year, know that I am here to support you 100%. 

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