Ultimate Guides for Small Business

Looking to learn more about SEO, blogging, sales page copywriting, or web design? Read these ultimate guides to help grow your small business.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Shopify SEO 2023

    Short on time? Save this guide to Shopify SEO for later on Pinterest! There are around 8.5 billion Google searches each day. Wanna know how many searches there are per second? 99,000! Think about how much of that search volume is product searches. As an e-commerce site owner, you KNOW that people are always searching […]


  • ultimate guide to wordpress seo 2023 mikaylataylor.com

    The Ultimate Guide to WordPress SEO 2023

    Short on time? Save this ultimate guide to WordPress SEO for later on Pinterest! WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms out there. And it’s easy to see why! With a user-friendly backend, tons of quality plugins, and the ability to own everything you publish, it’s hard to come up with reasons NOT […]


  • ultimate guide to squarespace SEO blog post image mikaylataylor.com

    Ultimate Guide to Squarespace SEO 2023

    Short on time? Save this Squarespace SEO checklist for later on Pinterest! Deciding on a hosting platform for your website can be tough! There are so many to choose from; they all seem to have different benefits. If you’re struggling with this decision, just know you are not alone.  I’m Mikayla, an SEO strategist for […]


  • Ultimate Guide Wix SEO mikayla taylor blog feature image

    The Ultimate Guide to Wix SEO 2023

    Are you ready to uplevel your business and get your Wix website on the front page of Google? No, it’s not a pipe dream! You CAN get on the first page of Google and gain new organic traffic from your website…all by learning how to optimize Wix SEO in 2023. SEO, or search engine optimization, […]


  • Ultimate Guide to Chat GPT Prompts for Blogging and SEO Feature Image

    Ultimate Guide to Using ChatGPT Blogging Prompts for SEO

    Want to try a few ChatGPT blogging prompts? Keep on reading! At this point in the game, you probably aren’t new to the AI world when it comes to content creation. And if you are, well… Welcome back from the rock you’ve been living under! (Kidding). ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses […]