Okay, real talk and with lots and lots of love. if you’re only using your brand photos on social media, you’re missing out on ways to connect with your target audience! Brand photos can (and should!) be used for so much more than just making your grid look cohesive. 

I love to take new photos as much as the next gal, but I don’t take them solely for social media (although you definitely will see a picture or two on the ‘Gram!). They serve a real purpose in making your business look polished, cohesive, and professional. 

Keep reading to find ways to use your brand photos outside social media!

Use Brand Photos on Your Website

This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many business websites and sales pages I have audited that have outdated brand photography or an abundance of stock photos.

Your brand photos, like your sales page or website, showcase your personality. Make sure you use your brand photos on every page of your website so your potential clients or customers feel connected with you and your business.

Add photos to your site to lead viewers to your content. You can also use the images to create a cohesive look & feel for your blog. You should place your brand photos on your website headers, blog, or in place of other online stock images.

Mikayla Taylor Branding Photo

Emails Deserve Brand Photo Love, Too!

Your email list is another way for you to connect with potential or current customers. Part of that comes from brand recognition – yes, including your brand photography! But you’ll never connect with them if they can’t figure out who you are as a business owner.

Including your brand photos in the emails you send out to subscribers is easy. Use one of your branded photos in your email signature to show who you are and what you stand for. You can also create an email header with your brand photos, including links to your website and social profiles, so readers can easily find you. Want to see how this looks in action? Sign up here for my weekly email newsletter! 

(Constant Contact has some tips for the best types of images to use in email marketing if you can’t decide which of your brand photos would work the best.)

Mikayla Taylor Branding Photo 2

Digital Products and Downloads Should Have Brand Photos

Any (yes, ANY!) marketing or design materials can benefit from custom brand photos. Include an “about me” section in a digital product or freebie with a brand photo of you. Not only will this help you build brand awareness, but it can also help your business connect with potential clients.

Any place with your written copy is a place you can use your brand photos. Your brand photos will work in your digital courses, on your podcast cover, templates, eBooks, and even web elements. (Want more examples? Check out this article from Kajabi.)

Use Your Brand Photos!

Getting new brand photos is fun and exciting. Why wouldn’t you want to show them off to all your customers and potential clients?? It’s easy to get brand photos back and then leave them sitting on your computer because you don’t have time to update your business, but it is so worth it to sit down and make those changes. 

The brand photos I used in this post are courtesy of Casey McMinn Photography. She also took the sweet family photos you see on my about page!

Showing off brand photos on your website, your email list, and your digital products make your business look cohesive and professional. 

So the next time you book your photoshoot, think about ways to repurpose your images for your website, emails, and other digital materials!

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