Hi, my name is Mikayla, and I’m a conversion copywriter for women and mom entrepreneurs!

If you want to improve the conversion rates on your sales pages and launch copy, working with a copywriter is a fantastic option. Copywriters are experts at creating tailored, compelling marketing messages to convert your ideal clients from readers to buyers. That element of writing for persuasion is what makes copywriters unique!

I know what you’re thinking – how cringe to have this type of career focused on writing for sales. But listen, Linda! We all have to pay the bills. That’s also why you don’t want to work with just any copywriter, though. So keep reading this post for why you should work with ME as a conversion copywriter for women entrepreneurs!

5 Reasons to Work with a Conversion Copywriter for Women

With all my clients, I strive to get to know you, so I know the right (or write, get it 😉) words to connect with your audience. All of my clients complete intake questionnaires, which helps me understand the terms they use to describe their offers and provides a space for clients to share testimonials. Of course, I follow up with this intake questionnaire with a 1:1 call; these are my favorite! It is time for us to review the answers provided on your questionnaire, and I can ask any clarifying questions before I start writing. 

So, if you want to improve your conversion rates in your online marketing efforts, working with a women’s copywriter is a great option! As a copywriter, it’s my job to be your go-to expert for creating effective marketing messages that persuade your ideal clients to take action.

Here are five reasons you should work with a conversion copywriter for women entrepreneurs:

  1. Copywriters develop a deep understanding of your target audience
  2. Copywriters are skilled at crafting high-converting marketing messages
  3. Copywriters are detail-oriented wordsmiths
  4. Working with a copywriter is a collaborative process
  5. You’ll be happy with the final product!

Benefits of Working with a Conversion Copywriter for Women & Mom Entrepreneurs

Working with a copywriter is a great way to boost the conversion rates for your small business’s online marketing efforts. If you feel ready to outsource creating compelling marketing copy for your business and want to work with someone who understands where you are coming from as a woman, as a mom, as a person of color, look no further than me as your conversion copywriter! I specialize in being a writer for women and mom entrepreneurs because I know how hard it is to build a business when you are navigating being a wife, a mom, and a socially conscious human in this world. It’s hard to find balance, and that’s why I work with women like you! I want to support you in finding balance in your business – by creating a stress-free experience for your new sales page, website copy, or email sequence. 

As a copywriter, and someone with a Master’s in Behavioral Science – I know how to target and appeal to your desired audience through words! 

And as an FYI – I offer audits for websites and sales page copy! So, if you are wondering why your sales page isn’t converting or if your headlines have enough “oomph,” book an audit with me and get great feedback to help improve your conversion rates.

Copywriters develop a deep understanding of your target audience.

If you are looking for an expert who understands your target audience, look no further than a conversion copywriter! I work with you in my intake process to connect in a way where I can better understand you and the clients you serve. This intake process happens through questionnaires and 1:1 video calls! This process helps me better understand your ideal client, their pain points, and what they are looking for in your offer. 

After developing a better sense of your target audience, I can create tailored marketing messages to appeal to your ideal client so you can get more sales! 

Copywriters are skilled at crafting high-converting marketing messages.

As your women’s conversion copywriter, it is my job to craft high-converting messages to persuade your target audience to take action. After all, what makes a copywriter a copywriter is a focus on converting sales! Otherwise, you could hire anyone to write your content. I mean, anyone. And there’s no guarantee that it would be any good. So that’s why you want to stick with the experts, always!

Copywriters are detail-oriented wordsmiths.

Copywriters tend to obsess over words. Trust me, I know! Contact me if you are ready to hand over nitpicking about what words describe your offer best! As your copywriter, I carefully curate every little detail of your sales page so that you love it AND your audience connects with it.

I understand the importance of every word in a marketing message and how it can impact your audience’s perception of you, your brand, and ultimately conversions. Conversion copywriters are also very detail-oriented. This attention to detail ensures that your marketing messages convert and are authentic to your business’s values.

Working with a copywriter is a collaborative process.

Another great thing about working with conversion copywriters is that the process is collaborative. Working with me, we constantly communicate through email, discussing intake responses on a 1:1 video call, and sharing feedback through Google documents. All my clients receive one round of edits, and we work closely to ensure the final product feels right and aligned with your brand. This collaboration is crucial to building relationships with clients and truly understanding their business needs and goals!

You’ll be happy with the final product!

And my final point – When you work with a conversion copywriter, you can expect to be proud of the final product! As your conversion copywriter, I ensure you are happy with the final deliverable. Through edits and feedback, we can work together to create powerful messaging that converts.

Reviews of Mikayla Taylor – Conversion Copywriter for Women and Mom Entrepreneurs

Don’t believe me?!

I know you’re probably thinking, “gosh, how much longer can she go on about this” – but I wanted to share that I have proof! 

Check out some testimonials from my awesome past clients.

Lex is a food & wellness blogger who shared the sweetest words about her experience with the web design & copywriting bundle. I loved working on her website!

Natasha is a fantastic accountant who shared her experience with the sales & web copy bundle. She convinced me to get a Sam’s Club membership! (Cause yes, my clients and I talk about everything!) She is super down-to-earth and such a joy to work with.

Karlyn is a passionate psychotherapist and Glo Coach who shared about her sales copy & design package! I haven’t had a chance to upload her information to my portfolio page yet, but check out what she had to say below!

“I can’t say thank you enough for everything! Your warmth, encouragement, and genuine appreciation for the work I do was felt and much appreciated. It was a joy working with you and I look forward to reaching out in the future.”

Why I Hope You Work with a Conversion Copywriter

After reading this blog post, I hope you at least consider working with me as your conversion copywriter! It truly is an honor and gift to work with other women entrepreneurs and help women like you confidently sell their offers online!

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