Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I am WAY behind on looking at the 2022 content marketing trends. My husband tested positive for COVID in December, and then the virus slowly hit each member of my household in January. We are finally (finally!) recovered, and I have been itching to talk about all the trends I’m seeing with content this year. 

4 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Use in 2022 and How to Make the Most of Them

Last year I shared a few must-know content trends for 2021 (be sure to check it out if you missed it!). We are already seeing similarities to last year’s trends and an emphasis on communication and connection. Keep reading to find out the four content marketing trends you need to use in 2022 to hook your audience, keep them engaged, and connect with them authentically. 


I hate to break it to you…but if you’ve been resistant to creating Reels or TikToks, it’s time to get over it ASAP. Short-form video content is THE top 2022 content trend. Instagram users are getting ridiculous engagement numbers lately with 15-60 second Reels. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri even reported that IG is prioritizing Reels as the number one feature for the app. I actually had a reel go viral while I was on maternity leave! You never know what content will be trending. If your Instagram feed currently only features static photos and pretty graphics, it’s time to work on creating a Reel that will snag your audience’s attention.

Before you panic, I know what you’re thinking. NO, you do not have to learn a complicated dance to be in a TikTok or Reel! I am not a dancer myself, and I cringe whenever I try a dance or awkward pointy video. If you need help figuring out how to create a Reel for the first time, check out this step-by-step guide. Lip sync videos set to music or brief sitcom clips are incredibly popular right now! Choose from tons of trending audios you see on your Reels feed. If you’re nervous about showing yourself on camera, you can make an excellent Reel using a few props, practical transitions, and even in Canva! 

TikTok has been gaining popularity in all types of industries. (Like #BookTok – a trending hashtag about, yes, books! has been especially prominent lately.) Creating a short-form video about your business offerings and adding the appropriate hashtags can extend your reach beyond just your followers. 

Still stuck on what to create? Scroll the trending Reels or TikToks to get inspired! Here are some ideas you can try:

  • A piece of advice you have for someone in your niche
  • Something you wish you had known (relating to your niche)
  • Three essential tools you use in your business.

Curious about the direction of 2022 content trends? You’re not the only one!

Bloggers at Later shared an article with exciting thoughts about how Reels may evolve this year. I’m most excited about the rumored new editing features coming to the app. 

If I have one piece of advice for you here, it’s this: just get started! The first few videos are the toughest to make, but then you’ll be on a roll! Choose trending audio, get inspired, and have fun. It will all be worth it when you see your engagement numbers increase. 


Content creators on Instagram are crucial influencers in the advertising space. Content creators are way more than just accounts with tons of shopping links! When used correctly, influencers can drive traffic to your site, help boost visibility, and even increase the trust factor in your brand. After all, influencer marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

If you want to reach out to a content creator for a collaboration, it is essential to find one that will connect authentically with your brand’s audience. Ensure your brand values align with the content creators you work with to avoid ruining your trust factor. Remember, followers these days are incredibly savvy and can smell an inauthentic partnership from a mile away. 

Are you wondering how to find an influencer for a business or brand partnership? Or are you an influencer working with a brand? Finding opportunities for collaboration is much easier than you think. First, come up with a list of effective hashtags related to your business. Search those on Instagram to find profiles of brands or influencers who are already effectively marketing content in your niche. Give some of those profiles a follow and pay attention to what they post to see if it resonates with you before approaching them to work in a partnership.

Most influencers also create blog content in addition to Instagram. Boost your visibility by working with an influencer to feature services or products on your blog. Let’s say you offer massage services. An influencer can film an appointment’s “behind the scenes” look. Now, you gain additional exposure to their audience. It’s a win!

This 2022 content trend is undoubtedly here to stay. Influencers and content creators have quickly become vital in strategic marketing plans. 

4 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Use in 2022


Here we are, in year three of the pandemic. Sigh. I hope you like Zoom because virtual events aren’t going anywhere. More people than ever are leaving the workforce to pursue virtual careers in what’s being called “The Great Resignation.” With so many people working remotely and so many virtual events, it’s more important than ever to embrace the virtual aspects of our online businesses.

Even with in-person events on the rise, many events and meetings still have a virtual component. If you are hosting an event in 2022, consider a “hybrid” model to accommodate in-person and virtual attendees.

Forbes discusses four strategies for making virtual events better. In my opinion, the biggest takeaway from that article is to increase and rethink the opportunity for networking in the digital space. We all go to events hoping to connect with others, and those experiences can be lost or feel forced when we attend virtual events. If you are putting on an event this year, try and think about ways to make the networking experience meaningful to all who attend. It serves as a reminder that we can still build meaningful connections online. 

Brand image and web presence often become people’s first impressions of us in the virtual world. The positive news about remaining virtual is that you can control your brand’s presence online, so make it a good one!

If you are looking to hire someone and have two potential candidates, one with a strong brand presence and the other with, well, a bit of a mess in terms of online cohesiveness…who are you going to choose? It’s a no-brainer. The candidate with the stronger brand and messaging will usually end up on top. I know everyone says not to judge a book by its cover. But, in the virtual space, it’s almost impossible not to, so make sure your “cover” is cohesive, strong, and speaks to your ideal client.

Representing yourself authentically online is oh so important! This year it is more important than ever to make sure how you present yourself online is how you want your audience to see your brand. If it’s time to level up your brand or web copy, check out my services and book a discovery call with me. I’d love to help you make more of an impact in our virtual world! 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting for many industries, even digital & social media. AI helps suggest tweets or accounts, target ads, recognize faces in uploaded photos, and even write blog posts or Instagram captions for you. This 2022 content marketing trend is about how AI can make your life easier. Gone are the days of having to post everything manually on the same day. Now, AI allows you to schedule far in advance, freeing up much of your time. 

How does this impact you? Well, for one, artificial intelligence can quickly help you find your target audience or promote your brand to new followers. Remember the Reels trend I mentioned above? Artificial intelligence is curating the Reels suggested to you! The more Reels of a specific type you watch and favorite, the more often the algorithm will offer up similar videos. Even if it feels like no one is watching your Reels initially, keep going. Instagram AI may start placing it on the Explore pages over time. It’s a game of patience! Consistency can increase your engagement or introduce your account to many new people.

You can’t let artificial intelligence do all the work for you, though, especially when it comes to writing. People are craving authentic connection right now since we have all been communicating virtually for the last three years during the pandemic. What conversations can you be having on your feed? In your DMs? During networking sessions at virtual events? With collaborators that you find in the online space? These candid conversations are essential. This year, while leveraging artificial intelligence to boost sales or engagement is a brilliant idea, it is perhaps more critical to figure out how to form authentic connections with people in your niche.

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I hope these 2022 content trends find a way into your online strategy this year. Let’s all embrace video, connect authentically (even virtually!), and find a way to collaborate with people who create engaging content in our niche. 

I am super excited to see how these trends evolve this year. Keep an eye on the blog to see if my predictions are correct!

Which of these 2022 content marketing trends excite you the most? Leave a comment and let me know!