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Who doesn’t love fall?! The vibrant colors of the leaves, the smell of hot apple cider, and thoughts of holiday festivities (and food) bring a sense of excitement into the air.

November is a month sandwiched between the crisp fall pumpkin patch vibes and the cold winter of the holiday season.

For bloggers, influencers, and content creators, November presents a golden opportunity to stand out in our content.

Remember, it’s completely okay to use this month to take a break from the overwhelming buzz of social media, Black Friday sales, and holiday promotions.

I’m all about maximizing your energy where it truly matters: crafting valuable, SEO-optimized content that resonates with your audience.

Imagine that – reclaiming your time while delivering content to your audience WITHOUT having to create another TikTok or Reel.

The key is to start sooner rather than later (SEO takes time!).

Save this post because as the year winds down, now is a great time to get inspired with your blog content! Grab your favorite warm beverage, find a quiet corner, and let’s dive into the magic that is this time of year with these 30 November content ideas – where creativity, holidays, and SEO collide to make this season truly enchanting!

2023 Holidays to Know for November Content Ideas

2023 Awareness Months to add to your November Blog Calendar

Military Family Month

This month isn’t just about falling leaves, holiday content, pumpkin pie, and turkey feasts; it’s a time to recognize and salute the incredible resilience of military families who stand as pillars of strength behind those in uniform.

Military Family Month, observed throughout November, is a heartwarming tribute to the unsung heroes holding the fort while their loved ones bravely defend our nation. These families navigate challenges and triumphs with grace, proving that their sacrifices and unwavering support are vital to our country’s fabric.

Are you a military family navigating the complexities of service life? Share about your experience on your blog!

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

National Career Development Month

National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

World Bereaved Siblings Month

World Vegan Month

Are you a vegan blogger?! (It’s hard to believe that this blog started out as a place for me to share my journey as a vegan food blogger, but anyway…)

Use World Vegan Month to spread awareness about the vegan movement. Share why you went vegan, your favorite recipes, and any resources you have about going vegan on your blog!

Sweet Potato Awareness Month

Spinach & Squash Month

Prematurity Awareness Month

National Native American Heritage Month

In the tapestry of our nation’s history, the vibrant threads of Native American culture are woven intricately, adding depth and wisdom to the story of America.

This invites us to explore, honor, and celebrate the rich traditions, diverse languages, and profound contributions of Native peoples throughout history in a great way.

It’s a time to acknowledge the ancestral knowledge that has shaped our land for countless generations and to appreciate the resilience and endurance that Native communities continue to embody in the face of challenges.

Native American content creators can use this as an opportunity to share stories and experiences. All of us should lend our hearts to acknowledging and learning from the extraordinary Native American heritage. 

National Novel Writing Month

National Family Literacy Month

November is the month to rediscover the magic of storytelling, huddle with loved ones, and embark on literary adventures!

Mom & family content creators, this is a perfect time to share your favorite family books, the love for learning, and how reading brings your family closer together.

Don’t forget to repurpose your November content ideas on social media!

National Family Caregivers Month

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month

Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month

National Gratitude Month

November also brings the essence of gratitude, gently reminding us to count our blessings and spread the love.

You know those moments when our kids approach us with a hug out of the blue or when we find a few minutes of quiet to sip our coffee?

Those are our daily doses of gratitude, and guess what? It’s National Gratitude Month, the perfect time to share what we are thankful for as creators and in our lives.

Between crafting content, managing schedules, and wearing a hundred different hats, it’s easy to forget to pause and appreciate the wonderful little things.

November is the time of the year when we can soak in the moments that fill our hearts. Use National Gratitude Month as a moment for reflection for this year. Jot down the small joys that fuel our spirits, the friendships that lift us up, and the tiny triumphs that make us proud (while using it as inspiration for your blog and social media, of course!)

Epilepsy Awareness Month

2023 Awareness Weeks for November Blog Post Ideas

Better Conversations Week

National Young Readers Week

National Bible Week

Are you a Christian or faith-based mom creator?

National Bible Week is a special observance to reflect on the Bible’s wisdom, guidance, and spiritual nourishment.

Share your faith journey or how your family bonds over the timeless teachings of the Bible in your November blog content (and don’t forget to repurpose it for social media!).

National Game & Puzzle Week

National Deal Week 

World Kindness Week

Today’s world can feel a little chaotic at times.

Weeks like World Kindness Week shine a gift for us all!

This special week encourages us all to channel our inner kindness warriors and paint the world with gestures of compassion, understanding, and goodwill.

Do something nice for your blog readers, email subscribers, or social media followers. Whether it’s an Instagram story small business shout-out, a flash sale on your products, or a quick giveaway to your audience – a simple act of generosity can bring lots of positivity to your brand.

National Nurse Practioner Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Week before Thanksgiving

This week holds a special place in our hearts for us, fellow entrepreneurs. It’s a reminder of the journeys we’ve embarked upon, the challenges we’ve conquered, and the goals we’re tirelessly chasing. 

Use it as inspiration to share more of your entrepreneurship journey. Relatability and transparency in your content is always preferable, and it goes away!

2023 Holidays & Awareness Events for November Content Ideas

November 1

  • Day of the Dead – also known as Día de los Muertos, is a vibrant and deeply meaningful celebration observed in Mexican culture and various parts of the world. This unique commemoration invites us to honor and remember our loved ones who have passed away. While it might sound somber, it’s actually a joyous and colorful occasion! Content creators with Mexican heritage can educate their audience on how they celebrate Día de los Muertos in their families. And around the world, we can celebrate with them and show respect for their tradition!
  • All Saints Day
  • World Vegan Day
  • National Cinnamon Day – Besides checking to see if Cinnaholic has any deals… food bloggers – share a roundup of your favorite cinnamon-based recipes for this November blog post idea.
  • National Calzone Day
  • National Stress Awareness Day
  • National Author’s Day – Are you an author, blogger, or content creator? National Author’s Day is a day to celebrate you and the books you write! Share your journey, your books, and all of your writing magic on your blog and don’t forget to repurpose your National Author’s Day November content on social media.

November 3

  • One Health Day

November 4

  • National Play Outside Day – Get ready to lace up those tennis shoes and put on your adventure hats because this is a perfect day to get outdoors! In a world where technology often keeps us indoors, National Play Outside Day is a breath of fresh air – quite literally! It’s a day to rediscover the thrill of climbing trees, feeling the grass beneath our feet, and letting our imaginations roam free in wide-open spaces. Whether we’re exploring local parks, hiking, or simply basking in the sunlight, this day encourages us to unplug and connect with the world that’s been patiently waiting outside our doors.

November 5

  • Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 11

  • Veterans Day – On this day, we come together as a nation to honor our veterans’ courage, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication – those brave men and women who have served in the armed forces to safeguard our freedom and uphold our values. It’s a day to reflect on the sacrifices, challenges, and indomitable spirit that defines the military community. As a military family (and for Military Family Month) – show appreciation for the veterans in your family on your blog & Instagram. And for small businesses, you can post a respectful Veterans Day post to honor those who have served on your social media platforms.

November 13

  • World Kindness Day

November 18

  • National Adoption Day

November 23

  • Thanksgiving Day

November 24

  • Black Friday – Amidst the post-Thanksgiving food coma and the echoes of grateful laughter, another exciting phenomenon awaits – Black Friday! Falling on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has become a tradition synonymous with incredible deals for big box stores and small businesses. What are you promoting this Black Friday? Share all about it on your blog and social media!

November 25

  • Small Business Saturday

November 28

  • National Day of Giving

November Content Ideas for Bloggers

November Content Ideas for Travel Bloggers

1. “Offbeat Explorations: Hidden Gems and Local Delights”

2. “Trekking Trails: Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Escapes”

National Play Outside Day is all about embracing the beauty of the great outdoors, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing your passion for hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures? We are inviting fellow outdoor enthusiasts to discover new trails, find camping ideas, and embark on unforgettable escapes into nature. 

3. “Caffeine and Culture: A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Travel”

4. “Budget Adventures: Thrifty Tips for Exploring the World”

Content Ideas for Food Bloggers

1. “Flavors of Gratitude: Friendsgiving Recipes”  

Friendsgiving, a celebration of friendship and gratitude, is a growing trend. Share recipes that are perfect for gatherings with friends, from shareable appetizers and small bites to crowd-pleasing main courses that offer a twist on traditional Thanksgiving fare.

2. “Weeknight Comfort Meals” 

3. “Exploring Seasonal Spices”

November is a fantastic time to delve into the world of seasonal spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Write about the history, health benefits, and creative uses of these spices in both sweet and savory dishes, providing readers with inspiration for adding warmth and depth to their meals.

4. “Thanksgiving Feast with a Twist”

November Blog Post Ideas for Business Niche

1. “Gratitude in Business: Fostering Employee Engagement”

2. “Small Business Saturday: Boosting Local Presence Online”

Small Business Saturday is dedicated to supporting local businesses. Use this topic to guide fellow entrepreneurs on leveraging this day to enhance their online presence and reach a broader audience. Offer tips for optimizing social media, creating engaging content, and running promotions that align with the spirit of shopping local.

3. “Veterans in Entrepreneurship: Honoring Military Service”

4. “Digital Marketing for Giving Tuesday: Amplify Your Nonprofit Impact”

November Content Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

1. “Creating a Cozy Home: Embrace Hygge for Fall”

This is a time when families seek special moments together. Blogging about incorporating the Danish concept of hygge (coziness and comfort) into the home aligns with the theme of family literacy by encouraging reading and togetherness in a warm, inviting environment. Share ideas for creating a reading nook, book recommendations for all ages, and ways to infuse hygge into family routines.

2. “Gratitude Practice: Cultivating Thankfulness Everyday”

3.  “Traveling with a Purpose: Honoring Veterans and Exploring History”

4. “Mindful Shopping: Navigating Black Friday with Intention”

November Blog Post Ideas for Teaching & Educator Niche

1. “Activities for National Gratitude Month”

2. “Interactive History Lessons for Veterans Day: Honoring Those Who Served”

3. “Exploring Diversity through Native American Heritage Month”

This month is a chance to celebrate the rich heritage of Native Americans. Write a post that highlights classroom activities, books, and resources that promote cultural awareness and understanding. This topic allows you to integrate lessons on history, traditions, and contributions of Native American communities.

4. “Empowering Student Voices on World Kindness Week”

November Content Ideas for Photography Bloggers

1. “Capturing Fall’s Colors”

We are at the peak of autumn’s beauty, making it an opportune time to focus on outdoor photography. Craft a post that offers photography tips for capturing the vibrant colors of fall foliage, whether it’s through landscapes, close-ups, or creative compositions. Encourage readers to make the most of National Play Outside Day by exploring nature with their cameras.

2. “Preserving Veterans’ Stories: Photography as a Tribute”

3. “Cultural Perspectives”

4. “Kindness Through the Lens: Visualizing World Kindness Week”

November Blog Post Ideas for Health/Fitness Creators

1. “Boosting Immunity with Seasonal Superfoods”.

2. “Active Adventures for Veterans: Honor and Fitness”

3. “Navigating Stress: Mental Wellness Strategies”

Stress Awareness Day invites discussion about managing stress. Create a post that explores effective stress management techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing, exercise, and mindfulness practices. Offer readers tools to cope with the demands of November and enhance mental well-being.

4. “Active Gratitude”

November Content Ideas for Craft Bloggers

1. “Thankful DIY Decor”

This is a great time to encourage your followers to express gratitude through crafting. Create a post that features DIY decor projects that celebrate thankfulness. From gratitude journals to fall-themed centerpieces, offer readers creative ways to infuse their spaces with a sense of appreciation and warmth.

2. “Craft with Heart on Veterans Day”

3. “Celebrate Through Art”

4. “Crafting Kindness”

November Blog Ideas for Fashion Creators

1. “Cozy Chic”

We are in the heart of fall, making it an ideal time to showcase cozy and stylish outdoor outfits. Write a post that curates ensembles perfect for exploring nature, whether it’s a scenic hike or a leisurely stroll. Incorporate layers, autumn colors, and accessories that keep readers both comfortable and fashionable.

2. “Thanksgiving Fashion: Dressing with Gratitude”

3. “Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Transitioning into December”

We are in the bridge between autumn and winter, making it an opportune moment to discuss transitioning your wardrobe. Write a post that highlights key pieces and styling tips for effortlessly moving from fall fashion to festive December looks. From layering techniques to versatile accessories, provide readers with insights for creating stylish ensembles that adapt to changing temperatures.

4. “Crafting DIY Accessories: Getting Ready for Gift-Giving”

Short on time? Pin these November content ideas for later on Pinterest!

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