Thanks so much for everything you did with our website – it looks great! We were proud to launch the white paper last week on our new site. 

Hanna T., Senior Director of Programs, BWLI

SEO Website Redesign for Nonprofit

Black Women’s Learning Institute (BWLI) is a public health organization supporting African-American women’s health of all ages.

I was referred to Hanna and Lisa at BWLI through a previous client, Alexi. Alexi worked closely with BWLI on social media and knew the non-profit needed an updated home base for its programs and resources.

When I first connected with BWLI, they were facing a website that was not only visually outdated but also underperforming in terms of SEO and user experience. The website audit score was a C-, and it was clear that a strategic and technical overhaul was needed.

BWLI Website Before and After

bwli website redesign before and after

BWLI’s Challenge

The existing website was plagued by outdated WordPress PHP versions, old and no longer updated plugins, and a lack of focus on SEO. The challenge was to transform this site into a modern, user-friendly platform that would look appealing and perform better in search engine rankings.

The Solution

I took a comprehensive approach to redesigning the website, focusing on both the technical and aesthetic aspects:

  • Updating the WordPress PHP Version: I ensured that the website was running on a stable and secure foundation by upgrading to the latest PHP version.
  • Updating All Plugins: I meticulously updated all existing plugins, ensuring compatibility and performance improvements.
  • Uninstalling Old/No Longer Updated Plugins: I streamlined the website’s functionality by removing unnecessary and outdated plugins, reducing potential conflicts and security risks.
  • Complete Redesign Using Elementor: I chose Elementor, a leading WordPress page builder, to completely redesign the website. This allowed for a flexible and intuitive design process, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly site.
  • Focus on SEO: SEO was at the forefront of this project. From keyword optimization to meta tags and internal linking, I implemented best practices to ensure that the website was optimized for search engines. This SEO focus improved the website’s visibility and aligned with’s mission and target audience.

The Results

The transformation was remarkable. The website audit score soared from a C- to a B, reflecting the significant improvements in performance, SEO, and user engagement. The updated design, technical enhancements, and SEO-focused approach have turned into a platform that truly serves its purpose and resonates with its audience. Now, they can proudly share new white papers, resources, and publications on a clean, modern website that offers a seamless experience for users.

bwli website redesign portfolio

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