Alexi - eat well with lex - testimonial

“Connecting with Mikayla was one of the best things that happened to me. After dreaming of wanting a blog Mikayla brought my vision to life and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Not only is Mikayla a skilled copywriter and designer, she is professional, works efficiently and commits fully to delivering the needs of her clients. My experience working with her was nothing short of top tier quality. Continue being the sweet, talented and hardworking woman you are. Thank you for everything!”

— Alexi M., Eat Well with Lex, Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Food Blog Website Design for SEO

Eat Well with Lex: A Culinary Journey

Alexi reached out after struggling for months trying to DIY her website. We immediately connected as moms-to-be (Now, both of our babies are earthside! Time flies), and I so loved bringing her website to life! Alexi is a food & mom blogger who specializes in healthy, cultural-based recipes your family will love.

The Challenge

Alexi had a dream of sharing her delicious recipes and stunning food recipes beyond Instagram, but she was struggling to set up her WordPress website on her own.

The Solution

As a WordPress wizard, I dove into the nitty-gritty details of her project, focusing on:

  • SEO Optimization: Finding the best SEO keywords for her blog was crucial to ensure her content reached the right audience. I also ensured every image and recipe uploaded to her site was optimized for SEO with image alt text and keywords.
  • Content Creation & Visuals: We worked together to get her web copy right, reflecting her unique voice, brand, and story. Uploading her high-quality photos that truly represented her culinary skills added a visual treat to the website.
  • User Experience: The design and layout were crafted to give her readers an engaging and user-friendly experience.

The Results

eat well with lex mikayla taylor portfolio

The transformation was a delicious success! Alexi’s website, Eat Well with Lex, became a vibrant platform that truly represents her passion for food and motherhood. Her recipes are now accessible to a wider audience, and the website reflects the quality and love she puts into her cooking. She’s receiving thousands of clicks per month (organically, from Google!) – and is on track to apply to ad networks to further monetize her platform!

Two years after working together, we finally got to meet in person! I’m so grateful this website project turned into a great friendship. Mompreneurs always have to support & look out for one another!