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Most business owners make this website mistake...

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Let’s talk about rule #1 of building a website: don’t launch your website and never look at the backend again!

Being a website owner is about consistently analyzing your metrics, optimizing your content, and making strategic long-term updates.

But taking on all that work as a small business owner is a big task, especially when:

1) Your zone of genius is definitely not SEO, and
2) You launched your website into the internet abyss without considering SEO at all!

Thankfully, as your SEO strategist for female businesses, I’m here to help!

A website audit is like a health check for your online presence. It’s a way to identify any problems that may be holding your site back from reaching maximum visibility on search engines like Google.

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are you craving more eyes on your website?

stop procrastinating and commit to daily progress.

This intensive takes your audit a step further with custom feedback from me and an opportunity to strategize together 1:1.

During the intensive, we’ll identify areas for improving your website and implement tailored strategies to boost your search engine rankings. 

You’ll gain valuable insights, actionable steps, and the knowledge to consistently optimize your content to leverage SEO to reach your business goals.

I’ve helped clients go from 0 clicks and visibility on Google to seeing immediate SEO wins in their keyword rankings. Now, it’s your turn to experience the power of auditing your website!

Don’t hold yourself back from an opportunity to build a website that works for you long term without needing to constantly post on social media.

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How would your business change if...

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Take your website's SEO to the next level

You don’t know what updates to make to your website that would positively impact your SEO. I’m here to help!  After your Website SEO Strategy Intensive you’ll feel confident in your ability to optimize your website for quick SEO wins (easy fixes with maximum impact) to get closer to those coveted page 1 rankings.

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what's included

  • 10-page website audit PDF including review of keywords, ranking, and technical SEO
  • 45-minute Zoom session reviewing your website audit and how to leverage SEO to achieve your business goals
  • Notes with custom next steps and items discussed during our call
  • Lifetime access to mini-training and eBook reviewing key terms covered in your audit (or a $9 refund if you already purchased it!)

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

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ready to grow a sustainable brand outside of social media?

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Hey, I'm Mikayla!

Mikayla Taylor SEO Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs

My passion is helping you build your brand visibility on Google, so you can take an intentional social media break without the fear of losing momentum in your online business. ​

I admire your dedication to serving women in your community – it’s what I love about this online space. Whether your focus is holistic healing, business coaching, financial education, fashion, or fitness, your passion shines in what you do.

When you work with me, my role is to optimize your website for Google so you can build an online presence without spending tons of money on ads or tons of time figuring out the next trending audio to post to.

Together, we can tell your unique story in a way that connects with your audience and search engines so you get maximum impact from your digital marketing efforts.