Search Engine Success Website Planner


Are you tired of playing hide-and-seek with Google’s first page? Trust me, I’ve been there. And I wish it didn’t take me SO long to figure out the not-so-secret-sauce behind getting daily traffic & leads to my website (without having to post another reel on IG).

Save yourself the years of watching YouTube videos trying to learn it all your own. I’ve got the ultimate cheat sheet for you—a 100+ page digital planner like your personal SEO coach!

(Yes, it’s me in a PDF form).

This website planner teachers you the exact framework to getting DAILY leads to your website from Google (without having to post on social media, or pay for ads).  Whether you are a blogger, online coach, or service provider,  this planner has takeaways for you!

  • 100+ page digital planner to strategically plan your website & blog to generate leads from Google
  • Step-by-step guide for defining your target audience and competition 
  • Comprehensive templates for website structure & content optimization
  • Goal-setting & progress-tracking sheets to help you track your search engine visibility

Organize your blog content & goals in this digital website planner compatible with Goodnotes. Simply download your purchase, and upload it to the Goodnotes app. Alternatively, you can save the PDF to your stored files or print at your local print shop.

Ready to DIY an SEO strategy that brings DAILY leads to your website?


It’s All in The Details

This planner saves you countless hours trying to teach yourself SEO from YouTubes, TikToks, and blog posts.. It gives you the EXACT framework to: