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5-day challenge hosted by mikayla taylor

Search Engine Success Challenge

I’m sharing all my SEO secrets in this 5-day website makeover challenge! If you are fed up with constant algorithm updates and want to prioritize creating content where your audience will see it for years to come, but DON’T want to waste time learning SEO all on your own.. you NEED this Challenge! Can’t wait to see you inside!

What you'll learn in this Challenge

In the Search Engine Success Challenge, you will learn what it takes to build an SEO-magnet website that brings daily leads, so you can have a long-term, sustainable marketing strategy for your business outside of social media! 

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Mikayla Taylor SEO Strategist

Check out some of the reasons why previous women entrepreneurs joined this SEO Challenge.

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Ready for your website to be a search engine magnet?

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Meet the host

Hey, I'm Mikayla!

I’m your SEO Consultant, Website Strategist, and internet cheerleader. My passion is helping women entrepreneurs and influencers like YOU grow sustainable brands outside of social media, so you can spend more time doing what you love. This Challenge is going to be jam-packed with tons of value & fun (think prizes, giveaways, and more!)

I seriously cannot wait to support you there!

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